Biobest launches ‘Crop Scanner’ app for pest control and crop protection

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Biobest, a leading company in natural pollination and biological control of pests and diseases, recently launched a new app – Crop Scanner – that unlocks precise scouting for farmers to deliver improvements in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) performance.

This innovative app provides a platform for growers and the Biobest experts and advisors to follow pest outbreaks in crops carefully.

An invaluable IPM support tool, it is a significant step towards improving the remote provision of tailored biological crop protection guidance.

“Our new app, which is available from May 25th, is a welcome addition to Biobest’s services particularly in these COVID19 times, when social-distancing measures are temporarily restricting working practices in some crops as well as technical visits,” says Linda Bucena, Product Manager of Biobest.

“The Crop-Scanner will provide growers and Biobest advisors with an extra tool to monitor developments in the greenhouse,” Linda added.

Farmers can use the app to find out exact spots where a particular pest has been scouted. It also facilitates the growers to record its stage of development.

From pest detection to timely interventions, the application works on smartphones and tablets and connects to an online web portal.

Also, Biobest is likely to add an automated bug counter to the app in the coming months.