Biodynamic Agriculture: A Way Forward for Sustainable Farming

Biodynamic agriculture can be defined as an advanced and holistic organic farming system that is gaining popularity worldwide for its emphasis on food quality as well as soil health. Today biodynamic agriculture is practiced on farms globally in a variety of climates and regions. On top of that, biodynamic methods of cultivating grapevines have also been taken up by several notable vineyards in a few nations. However, most biodynamic farms are located in the United States, Australia, Europe and New Zealand. History

10 BEST Health and Wellness Documentaries you don’t want to miss

The COVID-19 pandemic, no doubt, has had a dramatic impact on our lives, and many of us are facing several challenges, including isolation-induced stress and anxiety. To ease the same, we’ve put together the very best documentary films and TV series streaming on your favourite OTT platforms that will assist you in leading a healthier lifestyle amid this gloom: 1. Food Matters (2008) This 80-minute documentary underlines the importance of a selective diet in treating a range of

Top 5 Documentaries to watch on World Migratory Bird Day

World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) is a dedicated day to raise awareness of the need for international cooperation to conserve the several species of migratory birds. Celebrated on second Saturdays of May and October, this day reminds us to step up our actions to safeguard migratory birds and their habitats as several bird species are in decline. The following list compiles five of the best birds-related documentaries and offers a brief glimpse into what makes them so fascinating: The Crimson Wing

5 Must-Watch Climate Change Documentaries

In the fast-paced life, there's a lot of information available about climate change and global warming. In reality, content is everywhere. When it comes to learning more about rising temperatures and ecological degradation, we don’t always feel like opening a book or reading scientific literature. This is where climate change documentaries come in that can portray technical information in a more interesting manner and enable you to confront different perspectives. Today we’re sharing the five groundbreaking documentaries

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GIAHS: All you need to know about Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems

To protect and support the world's agricultural heritage systems and raise awareness about these unique agricultural practices and landscapes, Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) was started in 2002 by the FAO, a specialized agency of the United Nations that works tirelessly to defeat hunger and improve nutrition as well as food security. Landscapes of Aesthetic Beauty GIAHS are amazing landscapes of aesthetic beauty that combine agri-biodiversity, cultural heritage and resilient ecosystems.

Data-driven Farming: How BIG DATA will change the future of Agriculture

Big data refers to a combination of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that can be mined in order to guide both immediate and future decision-making. With the advancement in technology, big data is being used across many industries. Within the agriculture sector, big data refers to the use of data science techniques to capture and analyse complex datasets in order to positively impact agricultural productivity and optimise farming operations. Key Benefits of Data Analytics in Agriculture Better

Why blockchain technology could be a game changer for agriculture

Blockchain technology has received a lot of attention since its inception thanks to its unparalleled features such as immutability and transparency. This cutting-edge technology provides robust solutions for a majority of problems being faced by each sector, and the agriculture sector is no exception. What is Blockchain Technology? In simple words, this emerging technology is built on the concept of DLT (Distributed ledger technology), which allows data uploaded into the system to be fanned out amongst all users.

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