Union Minister Kailash Choudhary insists scientists to develop technology for farmers

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Union Minister Kailash Choudhary on November 23 encouraged researchers and scientists to concoct imaginative tech solutions to support farmers and focus on developing up the organic farming in the north-east area. He likewise said the farming part should play a “significant job” to accomplish $5-trillion economy goal by 2024-25.

Tending to the two-day ICAR-24th Regional Committee Meeting for Zone-III here, Choudhary, who is the Union Minister of state for agriculture and farmers’ welfare, stated, “Scientists should come up with innovative technologies which benefit the farmers.”

During his speech, he mainly focussed on building up the organic cultivation in the north-east area, eliminating composts and pesticide uses which have alarmingly affected the health of people and is still continuing to do so.

He additionally encouraged the scientists to concentrate on creating technology to empower farmers to go organic.

Assam’s agriculture and food processing minister said the state government has concentrated on the maximum usage of the resources accessible.

Dr. T Mohapatra, secretary of the department of agricultural research and education, asked the members in the event to stress on the quality and strength of the agri-sector and to utilize the assets of the regions for most advantages.

Not to mention, but the regional committee contains seven northeastern states and Sikkim to give a forum to scientists and the state governments’ functionaries to examine the major gaps in the current research and training efforts in the farming sector. ICAR has set up eight regional advisory groups based on agro-climatic areas.