Indian farmers can gain benefit of collectivisation with the initiatives by FPOs

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Providing livelihood to millions of farmers, agriculture has always played an important role in the Indian economy. Bu eventually, high production costs, and low access to credit, as well as poor market linkages has been the negative aspects affecting the sector’s growth. This has badly impacted India’s ranks of small and marginal farmers, which is the majority of around 85% of the sector. These farmers unite and reap the benefits of economies of scale,by the means of aggregation and consolidation, making this a critical means to create new growth paradigms.

There are various organizations who play a vital role to improve the farmers’ economic and social situation and that of their communities. Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) are one such farmers’ aggregate, an organizational mechanism mobilizing farmers’ collective. In the past several years, they have come a long way and are fast becoming a critical component of the agricultural value chain in India.

FPOs have the potential to provide farmers better bargaining power and create a more transparent agri-market, and they need to be boosted to their full potential. The inaugural edition of Samunnati and The Economic Times Farmer Producer Organisations Summit & Awards aims at bringing India’s often unsung heroes to the fore i.e its farmers. It will be held in New Delhi on 18th October 2019, the Summit aims on the many ways in which our agrarian heroes can be empowered to succeed.

Equally critically, it will also celebrate the community’s successes in an awards ceremony that rewards the performance of the strongest FPOs across the country. The different categories of awards are as follows:

  • Best FPO from each region
  • Best CEO from each region
  • Best governance mechanism from each region
  • Best impact from each region
  • Best performance from each region
  • Best FPO Friendly Private Sector companies
  • Best NGOs & Institute Supporting FPOs
  • Outstanding Contribution to Farmers Skill Development
  • Best Agritech Startup

The event will witness experts from government and industry bodies delve into the many policy changes and innovations needed to attain sustainability and garner benefits for farmer shareholders, additionally analyzing existing industry FPO models, and providing financial solutions to farmers. There has been a massive interest in promoting an enabling environment for FPOs so that they emerge as successful business enterprises considering the last couple of years.