Agri-chemicals industry should clear doubts in the minds of small farmers in the view of climate change: Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar

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Pesticides and agro-chemical compounds have additionally assumed a job in boosting India’s agribusiness yield however the industry should find a way to clear “doubts” about their utilization and advantages particularly in the minds of small and peripheral farmers who comprise 86 percent of the farm sector, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said on Thursday.

He noticed that the stakeholders/ partners in the agro-chemicals industry and pesticides are at present working in “confinement” and asked them to work with an all encompassing way to address the future difficulties in farming in the view of climate change.

“Agro-chemicals have its own benefits. It has benefited our agriculture. Pesticides too have its own advantages. It has definitely helped in improving the farm output. However due to lack of communication and awareness, doubts about such products still prevail in the minds of farmers,” Tomar said after inaugurating the first ever National Agrochemicals Congress here.

Many times farmers’ belief is these products get affected because of “fake people” working in this sector, he said.

“Despite transparency, farmers still have doubts. Some forces take advantage of these doubts. Many times, it is discussed in Parliament on ill effects of pesticides and cancer being caused due to use of agro-chemicals. When it is discussed in Parliament, some people tend to believe,” he added.

Worrying on the need to make awareness about the utilization and advantages of agro-chemicals, Tomar said the agro-chems have the challenge of meeting the nourishment requirements of the growing population.

“In this, chemicals have its role. This role should be played properly. Awareness should be created among farmers,” Tomar said.

Usually, the education farming is aimed for medium and large farmers who play an imperative role in farming production; But focusing on the 86 percent that includes the small farmers, will yield better results for farming, Tomar mentioned.