REAP Conference 2020: Showcasing increasingly vibrant worldwide agri-tech start-up community

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This year, Agri-TechE’s REAP (Realising Economic Agricultural Potential) conference strongly emphasized around bridging the gap between farmers needs and innovation-based solutions and cutting-edge technologies as well as showcased the increasingly vibrant agri-tech start-up community in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.

The mega event took a farmer-centric view of the emerging approaches that promise improved decision-making at every level.

The conference was the flagship event of Agri-Tech Week, that brought together farmers and growers with researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and investors.

“To achieve the global ambitions for agriculture, food production and land management, we need a much better understanding of how systems at different scales operate and interact. Restoring environmental balance from the soils upwards is a pragmatic approach to tackling the global issues and everybody can play a role – gardeners, farmers, land managers and also consumers through their food choices,” said Agri-TechE director Dr Belinda Clark.