Towards Cleaner Environment! Qatar increasingly reusing treated wastewater in agri sector

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According to Qatar’s Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA), the peninsular Arab country’s treated wastewater stood at 22.11mn cubic metres in September this year thanks to its membrane ultra-filtration system that helps in the recycling of treated wastewater.

Although the treated wastewater witnessed an 11.4% month-on-month fall in the review period, there has been an overall robust reuse of treated wastewater in farming, that has received enhanced government support as part of the self-sustaining initiatives.

The treated wastewater reused in agricultural sector amounted to approximately 7.25mn cubic metres, accounting for more than 30% of the total treated wastewater this September.

However, the reuse in the farm sector saw 9% decline on yearly basis.

It must be mentioned here that the country’s farming produce reached over 90,000 tonnes, and the Environment Ministry has a target to locally produce 70% of the market needs by 2023.