United Kingdom | Branston figures out how to prepare vegan meat from potatoes: Here’s all you need to know

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Branston, a potato supplier of the UK, is going to construct a factory which can transform potatoes into plant-based protein. The new potato protein facility worth £6 million will be equipped with the technology to extract high-grade protein from low-value potatoes.

Even though Branston supplies fresh potatoes, and ready-made potato fries by now, they are keen to find more uses of potatoes. And also, they expect to supply 100% plant based protein for the companies which prepare vegan food. As Richard fell who is Branston’s Managing Director, mentioned, people don’t consider the fraction of highly nutritious protein in potatoes, even though they are aware of starch and fiber in potatoes.

Plant protein sources which are dominant in the plant protein industry are Pulses, Legumes, Lentils, Rice in the present.

For the uninitiated, Branston works with agritech startup B-hive innovations at extracting high-grade protein from potatoes. This product can be applied in vegetarian, and vegan foods. Therefore, potato protein can be used to prepare vegan and vegetarian alternatives. Low ingredient plant-based products which have a clean label, can be prepared by the high-grade potato protein. And also, this product is free from allergens.