PM Modi gives Krishi Karman Awards to many progressive farmers

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi while distributing Krishi Karman Awards and Commendation Awards to states at a public meeting in Tumkur, Karnataka shared, “It’s a fortunate moment for me to be with my farmer brothers and sisters at the beginning of the New Year. With the prestigious Krishi Karman Awards, the land of Karnataka has become a witness to another historic achievement.” At the event, he presented awards to 28 progressive farmers from 21 states.

The event also witnessed the launch of 3rd installment of PM Kisan (Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi) of 2000 rupees.

PM also handed over Certificates to beneficiaries under PM Kisan from eight States and Union territories. The installment is given to provide assured income support to the small and marginal farmers. Under the scheme, 6000 rupees per year are given to farmers in three equal installments of 2000 rupees each.

He said that apart from horticulture, South India also has a large share in the production of pulses, oil, and coarse grains.

Modi said, “Seed hubs have been built to promote pulses production in India, of which more than 30 centers are located in Karnataka, Andhra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana itself.”|

Referring to the Government’s efforts on Fisheries sector, Prime Minister said the government is working at three levels to strengthen the sector.

First – Encouraging fisheries in villages through financial assistance to fishermen.

Second- Modernizing the fishing boats under the Blue Revolution Scheme.

And third – Constructing modern infrastructure related to fish trade and business.

Prime Minister said, “Fishermen have been linked to the Kisan Credit Card facility. New fishing harbors are being built in large rivers and in the sea for the convenience of fish farmers. A special fund of Rs 7.50 thousand crores has also been created for modern infrastructure. Fishermen’s boats are being modernized for deep-sea fishing and navigation devices are being installed in boats for the protection of fishermen with the help of ISRO.”

Keeping in mind the nutritional security of the country, PM requested to make a new category in the Krishi Karman Award, for Nutri Cereals, Horticulture and Organic Agriculture. This will motivate farmers and their state governments to do better work in these areas, he further added.

Uttarakhand was felicitated with the Krishi Karman award for foodgrain production, category II for 2017-18. Modi gave the award at a program in Karnataka to Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat the state’s Agriculture Minister Subodh Uniyal on January 2. Two progressive farmers from the state- Kaushalya from Kapkot and Jagmohan Rana from Bhatwadi were also awarded on the occasion.

Rawat thanked the prime minister for selecting Uttarakhand for the Krishi Karman award, recalling that Modi had provided the goal of doubling the salary of farmers by 2022. Uttarakhand is working hard to meet the target set by the prime minister, he said.

He also informed that of the 53.48 lakh hectare area in Uttarakhand, agriculture area comprises about 11.21 percent. Out of this, about 56 percent is in the mountainous region while 89 percent of the farmland is not irrigated and dependent on rain. In the state, about 92 percent of farmers are small and marginal. Under the guidance of the Government of India and with the efforts of the farmers and the Agriculture Department, the state has been able to meet its food-grain needs and become self-reliant.