World renowned Ayurvedic Brand IQ Natural is coming to India with Dr. BioVeda

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IQ Natural is finally set to hit the Indian market this November with Dr. BioVeda. Based on the patented Bio-resonance Technology, the brand is optimistic about its foray in to the multi-billion dollar Indian health care market.

Speaking about it co-founder Ankur Patel said, “ We are all set to bring the legacy of 5000 years of traditional Ayurvedic teaching clubbed with the most advanced 21st-century Bio-Resonance Technology (BRT). Hence, we introduce Dr. Bioveda as an Ayurveda company for the 21st century.”

Further he said, “BRT is the revolutionary new approach to balance body and restore natural health. The technology helps to enhance the efficacy of the ingredients, there by producing the desired result faster and more effectively.”

To combat new generation problems like stress and anxiety, Ankur Patel, Mike Kazakevitch and Qunish founded the company Dr. BioVeda. The company aims to offer quality herbal supplements to the masses. Dr. BioVeda has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which is FDA, and WHO-GMP approved. Keeping global sensibilities in mind, the formulations adhere strictly to international guidelines of ISO 9001:2008, FDA, and Halal.

The company will launch three brand new products in the Indian market which include The Imperim, a male potent tonic, The Magnafem, a female potent tonic and The Noppetite, a potent dietary aid this November.

Products will be available on all leading online market places and Dr.BioVeda’s official website.