Bayer CropScience ties up with ITC’s agri biz to market crop protection products

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Bayer CropScience has recently partnered with ITC’s agri-business division in order to expand the reach of its crop protection products through the e-Choupal 4.0 platform of the Indian conglomerate.

The partnership has commenced as a pilot project in the Indian state of Karnataka. It would gradually be expanded to other areas across India, according to Bayer.

Over 40,000 ITC farmers across 1,100 villages in the Karnataka’s Mysore region will benefit from the partnership with Bayer.

“This collaboration with Bayer will enable access to quality inputs by digitalizing the local marketplace eco-system for farmers. This will leverage Bayer’s expertise in agri-inputs and ITC’s deep-rooted linkages with farmers through the e-Choupal 4.0 platform, thereby creating value and a brand of trust for the farmers,” Sanjiv Rangrass of ITC, said.

Bayer’s partnership with ITC aims to offer tailored solutions, enabling farmers to achieve better harvests and progress to sustainable agriculture, D Narain, CEO & MD of Bayer CropScience, said.

Bayer CropScience is also planning to leverage ITC’s extensive reach in rural areas in order to create the capacity building, according to D Narain.

It is worth noting that the e-Choupal is ITC’s flagship program to link directly with farmers via the Internet for procurement of agricultural products.