Agtech startup Sound Agriculture raises $22M in Series C Funding Round

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Sound Agriculture, an Emeryville-based agriculture tech company, raised a $22m in Series C funding round.

With participation from existing investors, including Cultivian Sandbox, Syngenta Ventures, Fall Line Capital and Cavallo Ventures, the funding round was led by Chicago-based Seed 2 Growth Ventures.

In addition, Sanjeev Krishnan, MD and CIO of S2G Ventures, joined the Board of Directors, along with new independent board member, Cheryl Martin, Founder and Principal of Harwich Partners.

According to sources, the company intends to utilize the funds to accelerate new business development efforts such as novel bio-inspired plant traits and chemistries.

“Our technology is really based on some fundamental discoveries in the field of epigenetics,” CTO Travis Bayer told AFN. “What this allows us to do is to change the attributes or traits of a plant but do so by guiding its natural functions without adding anything new or editing its genes. It’s very fast.”

At present, the Emeryville agtech company has nearly 30 employees, which is expected to double in size in the coming year.

Led by CEO Adam Litle, the company develops innovative crop solutions by amalgamating the scientific knowledge with the needs of farmers. It also offers affordable and sustainable solutions to increase crop productivity.