Precision Agriculture: The technology that can improve quality of life

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Information technology is used to ensure the optimum health, and productivity of crops, and soil at precision agriculture. Precision Agriculture improves the efficiency of farming, quality of life, and address site-specific needs as well as local needs. Precision Agriculture is addressing spatial or temporal variability of crop or soil to achieve the goals of productivity in Agriculture with achieving economic, and environmental benefit

Precision Agriculture trends, and technologies

Farm robotics, drones, and mobile applications are Precision Agriculture trends. Planter technology, crop sensors, remotely sensed imagery, telematics, smartphones, tablets, and yield monitors are Precision Agriculture technologies. Drones are used to deliver crop inputs, and to collect data on crops. And also, drones capture canopy reflections of different wavelengths as separate images. It is useful for determining crop health and identifying pest attacks, water stresses, and disease attacks. Mobile application is used to collect field data, and to control farm operations such as irrigation remotely. One of the key aspects of precision agriculture is the involvement of modern Information technology such as positioning systems, automated steering systems, geo-mapping, variable rate technology.
One of the key requirements of Precision Agriculture is the development of Decision Support Systems (DSS) such as nutrient experts for site-specific nutrient management. Decision Support System includes a web application, fertilizer recommendations, modelling approach. Soil data, crop data, management information, water availability, and climate information are required to Decision Support System. According to the soil/crop/climatic information, the Decision Support System determines the relevant fertilizer recommendation. Laser levelling which is another precision agriculture technology ensures increasing yield by 4.5%, water-saving by 24%, uniform distribution of nutrients, and water. Precision Agriculture gives solutions to increase production.