How to start beekeeping, and the major phases of a colony

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Hive honey bee, Giant honey bee, Little honey bee, and Dammar bee are types of honey bees. European honey bees can produce more than Asian honey bees. Drone, worker, and queen are colony members. Due to royal jelly is given to the queen, the queen grows well due to royal jelly, and it increases fertility. Queen produces eggs by parthenogenesis and fertile eggs. Workers build combs and feed queens and drones. Decision-making of a colony is done by the queen and drones.

Required types of equipment

Apiary, bee veil, smoker, and honey extractor are the major required types of equipment. Bee veil helps to cover the face. After the honey is matured, bees seal it. Honey extractor helps to extract honey.

How to start beekeeping

Buying a bee colony, dividing an existing colony, capturing a natural colony with combs, and capturing a swarm can be done to capture a colony. Capturing a natural colony with combs is difficult. Opening the colony to outside, smoking, removing combs one by one, binding combs to frames, and capturing bees are done at capturing a natural colony. Bees start to drink honey when they expose to smoke. Then handling bees is easy.

Three major phases of a colony during a year

The growth phase, honey-flow phase, and dearth phase are 3 major phases. Bees are fed with sugar syrup at the growth phase. When space is kept between two hives, bees try to fill it. Bees like to store honey in old honeycombs. Honey can be extracted in the honey-flow period (usually 4-6 weeks). Swarming should be managed, and the capacity of the colony should be increased in this phase. One honeycomb should be kept, and the required feed for bees should be supplied externally at the dearth period. The strength of the colony is less in the dearth period. Empty honeycombs should be protected. Empty honeycombs are socked in saltwater, and sundried. Wax moth should be prevented. Otherwise, they tend to eat empty honeycombs.