5 Must-Watch Climate Change Documentaries

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In the fast-paced life, there’s a lot of information available about climate change and global warming. In reality, content is everywhere. When it comes to learning more about rising temperatures and ecological degradation, we don’t always feel like opening a book or reading scientific literature. This is where climate change documentaries come in that can portray technical information in a more interesting manner and enable you to confront different perspectives.

Today we’re sharing the five groundbreaking documentaries to watch:

V. Climate Refugees

This stunning documentary examines the human plight when burgeoning population and scarcity of resources collide.

IV. Before the Flood

BEFORE THE FLOOD presents a gripping account of the noticeable changes now occurring worldwide owing to climate change.

III. 2040

2040 – a 2019 Australian documentary – looks at the impact of climate change over the next twenty years and what technologies that exist currently can resolve the pressing environmental issue.

II. Arctic Tale

Revolving around the life cycle of a walrus (a marine mammal) and her calf, and a polar bear and her cubs, this fantastic film tells us how the rising temperature is adversely impacting the animals in the ice kingdom.

I. Paris to Pittsburgh

Directed by National Geographic filmmaker Sidney Beaumont and documentarian Michael Bonfiglio, the documentary showcases the ardent efforts of individuals who are facing the most severe threats of climate change.