Biotech startup Amfora raises $6 million in Series B funding round

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Leading biotechnology company Amfora Inc, that uses gene-editing to increase the protein density of soybean and other crops, raised some $6 million in its Series B financing round led by Leaps by Bayer and Spruce Capital Partners.

“Amfora is using cutting-edge technologies to address the important challenges of food security, climate change, and growing consumer demands for protein-rich foods. In addition to its investment, Bayer’s global footprint, scientific expertise, and market savvy will aid in accelerating Amfora’s leveraging its foundational plant-based protein platform,” said Ganesh Kishore, Managing Partner of Spruce Capital Partners and a founder of Amfora.

It must be mentioned here that Amfora is creating a platform of technologies that boosts the nutritional density of not only food but also feed crops.

The company is also applying these technologies to build a pipeline of products in order to meet the rising demand for foods that are high in protein.