Auburn University partnered with AgriTech, introduces a soilkit with easy-to-understand results to farmers

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The College of Agriculture at Auburn University recently partnered with AgriTech Corp. on a specialty Auburn-branded SoilKit which marks the first time a public, land-grant university has partnered with a private company to deliver digital, quality and  easy-to-understand soil test results to homeowners, landscapers and municipalities.

This partnership benefits both parties as SoilKit is now matched with a national leader in agricultural science and Auburn can connect with a greater number of homeowners, landscapers and municipalities to deliver easy-to-understand results and recommendations through this simplified soil testing technology.

When process of the soil considered, the soil samples of consumers will be sent to the university and will be tested by Auburn agronomists at the Auburn University Soil, Forage and Water Testing Laboratory. Then according to the details taken by tests, calculations are done with digital tools, such as address autofill and satellite-driven square footage calculation which is provided in soilkit.

Then, after samples are processed with the use of calculations and details taken, consumers receive a digital version of their soil test results and recommendations via email. The recommendations are based on decades of agricultural research dating back to the founding of the Auburn College of Agriculture in 1872.

According to the, Audrey Gamble, assistant professor and extension specialist in the Department of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences ,Using research-based recommendations correlate soil-test nutrient levels with plant response ensures that enough fertilizer is applied to promote healthy plant growth without adding excess fertilizer, which can pollute nearby ground- and surface-waters. So this will be be lead to great increase in production based on agriculture.