Scientists sign open letter urging action to protect whales, dolphins

Dolphin in sea

Dolphin in sea

Over 350 scientists from more than 40 countries, including the UK, US, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa have signed a letter calling for global action to protect dolphins, whales, and porpoises from extinction.

Conservationists say more than 50% of all species are of conservation concern, with two on the “knife-edge” of extinction, BBC reported.

Many will be declared extinct within our lifetimes if no action is taken over polluted seas, the letter reads.

“Let this be a historic moment when realising that whales are in danger sparks a powerful wave of action from everyone: regulators, scientists, politicians and the public to save our oceans,” said Mark Simmonds, the visiting research fellow at the University of Bristol.

Editorial Desk at Agrigate.Global

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