Nestlé to introduce bio-based lids, scoops made from sugar cane

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Multinational food and drink processing conglomerate Nestlé will introduce bio-based lids and scoops made from sugar cane and its byproduct for its nutrition products for children.

The main benefit of these bio-based plastics is that they are made from a renewable plant material that can be continually replenished and that absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. Besides this, this packaging will help the giant lower its usage of fossil-based plastics.

“Nestlé continues to push the boundaries of science to provide nutritional solutions for children, and we are putting that same passion into pioneering new packaging that is good for our planet,” said Thierry Philardeau, Head of Nestlé Nutrition.

“Families rely on us for support in the first 1,000 days of life — a critical time to shape a healthier and more prosperous future — and we are proud to be the first global brand to offer them solutions that maximize the use of renewable resources,” Philardeau added.