US-based Flagship Pioneering launches new agtech company to manage insect populations

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Flagship Pioneering, one of Massachusetts’ largest venture capital firms, announced the launch of Invaio Sciences in order to tap the potential of the planet’s interdependent natural systems by managing insect populations.

By controlling their nutritional function organs, Invaio Sciences aims to improve the health and performance of agriculturally significant insects.

The startup wants to modulate insect health — for instance, providing essential nutrients lacking in the insect’s diet — with its proprietary technology.

As per Invaio Sciences claims, this system is able to deliver bioactive molecules to precise insects populations using 3D-printed injection tips, eventually leading to a decline in the usage of pesticides.
According to the company, this would solve pressing agricultural, nutritional, and environmental challenges.

Invaio Sciences is to be led by Robert Berendes, the executive chairman of Flagship Pioneering along with other experts, including Ignacio Martinez (General Partner) and Gerardo Ramos (Chief Scientific Officer).

It is to be mentioned here that insects are vital in the form of pollinators and recyclers of nutrients for essential environmental and biological processes.

However, according to some estimates, more than 40% of insect species are declining at a rapid rate.

“One of the enormous consequences that comes from the over one billion pounds of insecticides used every year in the United States alone is that the volume of harmful chemicals unleashed is impacting the quality of the food supply and human health as well as the broader environment,” said Invaio Sciences president and CEO Ignacio Martinez in a statement.

“Through a focus on natural-based solutions and precision delivery and its connection to plant and soil health, Invaio’s revolutionary approach will refine agricultural practices in a far more sustainable and beneficial way,” he added.

It is worth mentioning here that after Inari Agriculture, Indigo Ag and CiBO Technologies, this is Flagship Pioneering’s fourth agriscience company.