Eden Research gets two patents for Sustaine technology in the US

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The US Patent Office has recently granted two patents to biopesticides and encapsulation technology company Eden Research for its ‘Sustaine’ encapsulation technology and compositions for insecticide products.

Eden said Sustaine microcapsules are plastic-free, naturally sourced, biodegradable microspheres that are derived from yeast extract.

The initial patent provided broad compositional protection for the encapsulation of terpenes in hollow cell wall particles, according to the company.

While the second patent provided protection for the use of compositions in a method of killing mites, or treating and preventing a mite infestation.

The board said there was a “strong need” for an effective alternative to conventional insecticides in the United States owing to regulatory and consumer pressures.

“Eden’s biopesticide product portfolio is based upon the powerful combination of plant-derived active ingredients and the Sustaine microencapsulation system. Eden’s plant protection products offer ease of use and efficacy on par with conventional pesticides whilst being exempt from maximum residue levels in Europe and having low or no pre-harvest intervals, giving growers maximum control and flexibility,” the board added.