Bayer launches horticulture specific podcast series ‘HortCast’ in Australia

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In a significant move, Bayer has launched a new podcast series – ‘HortCast’ – especially for horticulture farmers in Australia amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The podcast series will delve into seasonal updates, market trends and news of the horticulture industry.

According to sources, the Producer of HortCast and Bayer market development agronomist, Craig White, wanted to build upon his successful broadacre-focused series, CropCast, to disseminate information for horticulture growers in an accessible way.

“People are busy and don’t necessarily have the time to read or watch everything of relevance to them,” Craig said.

“A podcast allows them to listen hands-free and stay informed while carrying out everyday tasks in their farming business. HortCast will cover topics that help protect and produce healthy and nutritious fruit and vegetables vital to continue supplying Australia with fresh food and will feature guests from across the industry,” he added.

The first episode featured Bayer territory business manager, Darren Alexander and renowned agronomist Troy Mulcahy, covering the discussions of Bayer’s biological product, Serenade Opti, Movento Insecticide, Infinito Fungicide, and the soon to be registered insecticide Vayego for use in stonefruit and almonds.

The launch episode, which is available on Apple Podcasts, Overcast and SoundCloud also talked about the challenges growers are facing as a result of the recent bushfires and Coronavirus pandemic.

Notably, the future episodes of the new podcast are in progress.