Zimbabwe to host 31st Regional Conference for Africa

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The 31st session of the Regional Conferences for Africa (ARC) will be organised by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Zimbabwe.

The 54 member nations of ARC will be attending the event from March 23 to 27, 2020. The motive of the event is to elaborate on the challenges and priorities related to food and agriculture in the region.

Besides, many corporate players and private bodies are also expected to come to the event. The organisers have also designed a line-up of dialogues and consultations among private partners, the outcomes of which would be communicated to the ministers for policy formulation on agriculture and related issues.

“The theme of the ARC is ‘Enhancing Policy and Regulatory Environments to Stimulate Investments for Rural and Agricultural Transformation’,” revealed the organisers.

The three important aim of the dialogues are – sparking innovative ideas, generate demands with stakeholders and build a lasting relationship. “We aspire to establish and reinforce significant return on investment for the private sector stakeholders, representing sufficient value-addition for sustained future engagement,” shared a senior representative of the organising committee.

Additionally, the Regional Private Sector Dialogue, and African Agribusiness Leadership Dialogue 2020 (AALD) works towards engaging a wide range of private investors in agriculture and food systems in the Africa region for obtaining their view on trade and investment opportunities. In addition, the limitation in two specific sections which are respectively Africa Continental Free Trade Area; and Investment in agricultural and rural transformation, like intraregional trade will also be talked about. As per the recent facts, the African food market is guessed to be increasing at USD 1 trillion in the next 10 years. The expanding internet penetration in the area is being looked upon as a big chance for investment and agriculture transformation in the African region.