Budget 2020: India Inc demand job creation

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Corporate leaders discussed the Budget wishlist at a book launch recently in the Capital. The list included job creation besides improved spending on infrastructure and initiatives for the agricultural section.

Among the members of the discussion was TVS Group Chairman Venu Srinivasan, who talked about improved attention needed in the employment creation in the Budget next month.

Besides, Chairman and Senior Managing Director of DCM Shriram Ajay S. Shriram also appealed to the government to pay attention to the agriculture sector, while Hero Enterprise Chairman Sunil Kant Munjal stressed on improvising the budget for infrastructure. The three speakers were speaking at the launch of the book ‘The Making of HERO’ written by Munjal.

Speaking about the Budget and need for improvements, Shriram said: “I hope in this budget there should be a focus towards taking care of the agriculture sector…which is suffering a lot somehow the policies are not moving in terms of governance in terms of coordinating with the states. I think a GST kind of a body is required to get all agri ministers involved taking joint decisions for implementation….”

Whereas Munjal shared that he would like the government to spend more on the infrastructure sector.

Venu Srinivasan highlighted how the fundamentals of a family run business focus on the longevity of the business, not personal consumption.

The Union Budget for 2020-21 will be presented on 1 February.