Top 5 leading Agritech startups in Sri Lanka in 2021

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Hayleys Agriculture

It provides lots of products and services in Sri Lanka since the 1950s. Mr Charles Pickering Hayley is the founder of Hayleys Agriculture. It exports value-added agricultural products to foreign countries. It works together with large agriculture establishments and plantation companies. Their products are useful to the farming communities, stakeholders of the poultry and livestock sector, horticulturalists, etc. Agriculture Advisory Services, Agriculture Extension services, Agricultural Outgrower Networks are provided by Hayleys Agriculture. Vision is to be a trusted leader in creating solutions for Customers, have multiple contact locations with trained professionals who are available at customers’ convenience to sell, advise and service the best agriculture inputs and value-added agricultural products available today.

Opex Holding

Opex holding provides its service to the farming community for 40 years by manufacturing liquid fertilizers for both local and international markets. It is the pioneer in the integrated nutrition management field. Mr Alfred Subasinghe is the founder of Opex holding. The vision statement of Opex holding is to be the farmer’s choice in the global plant nutrition segment. The mission is to become the leader in developing speciality liquid fertilizers by providing products that have the highest quality, affordability and efficiency while ensuring the highest return on investment to the global agricultural community. Nutricare, Opex Agrin, and Troseed are the companies of Opex holdings.

Farm’s pride private limited

It is one of the leading poultry producers in Sri Lanka, and it was started in 1972. Crysbro has hatcheries, broiler farms, feed mills, grandparent and parent farms. They always try to farm-to-fork concept. Products are categorized as broiler chicken, whole chicken, half chicken, and skinless chicken. The vision is to create the best culinary experience revolution in the poultry industry. Mohamed Imtiaz who is the founder of Farm’s pride private limited has laid the formula for great chicken by refining breeding, processing, and packaging, making Crysbro. Crysbro group creates a fully integrated chicken production process.

Prima Sri Lanka

Prima Sri Lanka supplies its products since 1977. Mr Cheng Tsang Man is the founder of Prima Sri Lanka. Laboratory services, Agriculture Service Centers, Agricultural Outgrower Networks, and Agricultural Extention services are provided by Prima Sri Lanka. It produces and supplies lots of products related to the food industry. The vision of Prima Sri Lanka is to be a leading international food industrial group, and its mission is to support the food manufacturing ecosystem and enhance people’s lives through innovative food products.

Saradha Lanka Agro(PVT) Limited

It is agro product-oriented, and it manufactures high-quality agricultural equipment, and machinery with advanced technology, as farmers can get a good, and quality harvest. And also, it imports its products to foreign countries. Saradha Lanka Agro private limited was established as an agro product-oriented organization in the year 2006. The latest available agricultural equipment is available in Saradha Lanka Agro private limited, and they provide that equipment to customers from the manufacturers of the best products. They deliver cutting-edge technology to customers.