List of 2020 Padma Shri awardees in the Agriculture Sector

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Just like every year, even this year the President of India has named people who will be getting awarded with various Padma Awards. Though there are three kinds of awards under this category – Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri, let us see who all will be conferred with Padma Shri Awards for their contribution in the field of agriculture.

Among 118 Padma Shri awardees, Rahibai Soma Popere, Chintala Venkat Reddy, Radhammohan & Ms Sabarmatee (Duo), and Trinity Saioo are the people who represent the agriculture sector.

Rahibai Soma Popere:

Born in 1964, Rahibai is an Indian farmer and conservationist who helps other farmers return to native varieties of crops, preparing hyacinth beans for self-help groups. Not only she has got the title of ‘Seed mother’ by Scientist Raghunath Mashelkar, she is also among three Indians on the BBC list of “100 Women 2018”.

Chintala Venkat Reddy:

An innovative organic farmer known for his soil and nutrient management techniques in farming, Chintala Venkat Reddy was born in 1951. Apart from holding the distinction of being the first independent farmer in India to receive an international patent for his technique in soil swapping and soil fertility, Reddy also holds national patents to his name in organic farming techniques. The farmer, who uses no chemical fertilizer, insecticide or fungicide in farming, has won several awards at State and National level for his innovative organic farming.

Prof. Radha Mohan & Sabarmatee (Father-Daughter Duo):

Professor Radha Mohan, a former information commissioner of Odisha, along with his daughter Sabarmatee, who has been dedicatedly experimenting with different conservation models to improve the lives of the local farmers are the third nominees of the award this year for their decades-long efforts to transform barren land into a lush food forest in Odisha’s Nayagarh district. Founded by the duo in 1990, Sambhav, the resource centre has become a torch-bearer in the field of conservation, agriculture and organic farming.

Trinity Saioo:

A tribal farmer based out of Muliehvillage in West Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya, Trinity Saioo will be given the prestigious Padma Shri for her distinguished service. A mother to six children, Saioo spearheaded the women-led farming movement in Meghalaya and enabled farmers to triple their incomes with the cultivation of the prized Lakadong Turmeric. Starting her journey with 25 farmers in Muliehwith assistance from Spices Board and with her exemplary and steadfast leadership she started to motivate other farmers from adjoining villages, within four years 800 farmers were mobilised to cultivate this Lakadong variety in their respective villages.