India needs Urban Agriculture along with Smart Design and Vertical Farms

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A big advantage of urban farming touts with smart designs and a vertical farm, which is the new trend. In one of the latest trends in urban and vertical farming, farmers have begun to gain yields that are nearly 10 times more efficient than traditional agriculture. This means that vertical farming does not promise to radically change the way of farming but instead makes it more efficient, productive while taking up less space.

Instead of building a larger structure, Indian farmers should consider designing an efficient space for that purpose. In this regard, smart designing of farm lands and vertical farms can be more helpful for them. Also, urban farms can be humble for your traditional, outdoor community garden too; The result will be far better than traditional farming.

The farmer’s income will also come hefty from the smart farming technique because urban agriculture might be as complex and futuristic as well-regulated, self-contained, environmentally controlled pods that is stacked on top of each other.

Traditional farmers could take a lesson from vertical farmers in their buildings and design. They can adopt the tenets of smart design to reduce waste and increase yield. Smart and sustainable barn design is easy to get carried away by what you want rather than what you need.

Farmers will need to rely on efficiency in spaces and growth to continue to feed ourselves in this overpopulated. Farmers have now the unique concept of modern farming along with smart agriculture, farm designing and advanced technologies.