ICT in Agriculture: Role of technology-based interventions in revolutionizing farming sector

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Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) may be defined as communication technologies that facilitate users to access, retrieve, store and transmit information in a digital form.

Role of ICT in Agriculture

ICTs have been an important contributor to growth in agriculture. The massive adoption and integration of ICTs has definitely reduced information as well as transaction costs, streamlined service delivery, generated new job opportunities, plus new revenue streams.

In other words, ICT has revolutionized agriculture in several emerging economies by efficiently disseminating important information and ensuring food security.

ICT Tools in Farming

• Wireless technologies

• Global Positioning System (GPS)

• Geographic Information System (GIS)

• Computer-controlled automated system such as agricultural robots

• Smartphone mobile application

• RFID technology (Radio-frequency Identification)

Key Benefits:

Delivers Requisite Information

It is no secret that the use of ICT in agriculture brings huge gains in efficiency and cost saving as it plays an important role in terms of providing up-to-date and requisite information to farmers in user-friendly form.


On top of that, its cost-effective nature presents unprecedented opportunities to empower small-scale and marginal farmers by strengthening their capabilities.

Supports Decision-making

ICT supports not only policy-making but also improves farm management, thereby uplifting the livelihoods of the rural masses.

Improves Market Access

In agriculture, ICTs can be beneficial for farmers through latest information on markets and depicting changing consumption patterns. With increased access to mobile phones, farmers can better plan production, based on supply-and-demand factors, thus increasing market efficiency and facilitating market access

To conclude, the application of ICT has emerged a vital pillar of agriculture and effective utilization of the same can make the rural communities prosperous.