Healthy eating tips while travelling by Satyajit Majumder

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Undoubtedly, travelling and going out of the day-to-day schedule is fun and refreshing, but amid all the fun we must never forget how important our health is, and should always try to stay healthy and energetic. So, chuck out getting sick while travelling and keep in mind the food options that you can choose.

Satyajit Majumder, lifestyle blogger, suggests 5 healthy eatery choices that you can opt while travelling :

Hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs make a quick snack full of protein and important vitamins as well as add good fats to your body to keep your heart healthy.

Assortment of nuts

A mix of peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, and pistachios is highly nutritious; a good source of fat, fibre, and protein is all you need for a healthy diet.

Crackers and peanut butter

Be it oatmeal crackers or quinoa chips, it’s a perfect power-packed snack when combined with wholesome peanut butter. If you want it to be tastier, try it with chocolate spread.

Fresh fruits

Carrying apples, pears, and oranges is easy and they last longer too. But one should never carry cut fruits or veggies.

Snack bar

Take a few snack bars along with you, wherever you go. It’s one of the best ready-to-eat nutritious products.

So besides these 5 options, you can always order less oily, steamed/roasted dishes such as soups, raw salad, lightly sauted veggies, tandoori platter.