FSSAI takes various initiatives to provide food safety in India

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In a democratic country, the government always takes care of its citizens be it from any dire political situations or various health based challenges. India is also trying to curb the kinds of deficiencies and make their citizens secure, safe, healthy and happy for better development. Similarly, FSSAI- Food Safety and Standard Authority of India has taken various initiatives to promote safe food at home, mid-day meals at schools, offices, eateries, in trains & railway stations and religious places in India.

Food safety assumes greater importance. It estimates that food production needs to rise by 50 percent by the year 2030 to meet rising demand. The global trends of increase in food prices enhance importance of food safety.

Here are the few food safety initiatives that are taken by FSSAI:

  • Food Licensing
  • Food fortification
  • Safe and Nutritious Food
  • Food testing
  • Food Safety Training and Certification
  • Swastha Bharat Yatra
  • FKAN- Food Safety Knowledge Assimilation Network
  • Eat Lancet India