Five of the best documentaries that increase awareness on climate change

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The documentary genre is one of the most effective tools to increase the awareness of people about the negative effect of human activities on climate change. Lots of films have been produced to show the causes and consequences of climate change, as well as showing the value of nature. Here are five documentaries on climate change.

An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

The documentary was produced to show the devastating effects of climate change, and it was directed by Davis Guggenheim. This film marked a turning point and won the Oscar for Best Documentary. It was narrated by former US Vice President Al Gore, the film shows the situation of our planet under the threat of large amounts of CO2 emissions due to human activity. This film was able to create an impact on people to this day. This film was made people aware of the serious consequences of global warming. The former vice president of the US set out the stark facts, before warning of more flooding, droughts, hurricanes and climate refugees caused by rising temperatures—concerns that certainly ring true nearly 15 years later. Since then, Gore has continued to speak out about the climate crisis, with his follow-up documentary An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (2017) looking at the efforts being made to tackle the issue. Davis Guggenheim and former US Vice President Al Gore’s film did a lot to increase the awareness about climate change, and myths around climate change in a simple, straightforward way. It shows that fossil fuels and CO2 emissions play a big role in rising global temperatures and adverse weather events.

Tomorrow (2015)

This film was produced by Bruno Levy, and It was directed by Cyril Dion. According to that, a small team of four visits ten countries and investigates the causes of climate change and, more importantly, how to prevent it. On their travels, they meet pioneers who are reinventing agriculture, energy, the economy, democracy and education on their travel. They can see a glimmer of hope for a new world at the end. This documentary increases the awareness of people, and it shows the ways to prevent adverse climate change. The contribution of a country to climate change is different from country to country. But adverse climate change affects the whole world.

Chasing Ice (2012)

The photographer of this film is James Balog, and this film was directed by Jeff Orlowski. The true extent of climate change is going to be revealed by venturing into the farthest depths of the Arctic. They visited the most remote areas in Iceland, Greenland and Alaska over years in order to find the phenomenon of melting glaciers and the staggering impact of melting glaciers on nature. This movie increases the awareness of people in a creative way with curiosity. It shows that adverse climate change causes melting glaciers. Melting glaciers causes lots of disasters.

Earth (2007)

It was directed by Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield. According to the film, a fascinating journey across the world is conducted from north to south through all four seasons, to portray the striking contrast that lies in all corners of the globe and its natural transformations. It was filmed for five years, and it was filmed at over 200 locations in 26 countries. This documentary manages to show the beauty of the animal kingdom is gradually deteriorating due to climate change.

Before the Flood (2016)

This film was directed by Fisher Stevens, and Leonardo DiCaprio did an environmental mission through this film. Both the causes and effects of climate change across the world were investigated by the actor, and UN Messenger for two years from deforestation in Indonesia because of the palm oil industry to melting glaciers in Greenland and the Arctic. This film encouraged world leaders, and people to protect the earth.