Earth Day: 5 iconic documentaries to binge-watch now

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Here are our documentary picks for Earth Day:

1. I Am Greta (2020)

Documentary I Am Greta, filmed almost single-handedly by Swedish director Nathan Grossman, chronicles a year in the life of climate change activist Greta Thunberg. It is an interesting portrait of a child forced to become an adult in a world where adults have given up their responsibilities.

This astonishing, immersive documentary follows the environmental activist on her travels to raise climate change awareness including her harrowing trip across the Atlantic to address the UN Climate Action Summit in New York in 2019.

2. Ice on Fire (2019)

Directed by Leila Connors
and produced and narrated by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the 91-minute documentary warns not only about the effects of climate change,
but also seeks to inspire people to follow sustainable and eco-friendly pathways.

“Over the last 250 years, we have, in effect, conducted the largest science experiment in history. The melting of the world’s snow and ice has now triggered multiple climate tipping points, threatening the very existence of life on Earth. Yet this disturbing future need not be set in stone. But the clock is ticking. Scientists say we must implement these solutions immediately,” DiCaprio says in the opening minutes of the film.

3. Honeyland

This environmental documentary draws evident parallels between humans and bees. It is about a beekeeper (Hatidze Muratova) who lives in a remote region of Macedonia, whose livelihood is threatened by the actions of new neighbors.

4. Seaspiracy

Directed and narrated by British filmmaker Ali Tabrizi, the film not only shines a spotlight on the aquaculture industry but also introduces the notion of “blood shrimp”, seafood tainted with human rights violations and slave labour.

Besides underlining damaging effects that commercial fishing has on our planet, this movie also notes the importance of sharks and dolphins to our ecosystems.

With hidden cameras in dangerous locations, the documentary attempts to expose the unlawful fishing markets characterized by corruption, slavery and fraud.

5. Watson

This documentary shines a light on the life of Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson, who tried to keep the oceans and their inhabitants safe.

Its narrative construction represents conflicts with coherence that a scriptwriter could dream of.