Back to the Future: Farming for Young Entrepreneurs

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Today’s young agripreneurs are developing innovative ways to revolutionize the agri-sectors. They are at the forefront of increasing crop yields, improving market access, developing novel technologies, and reducing food loss and waste. They are continuously increasing urban and sustainable farming practices across India. They come from diverse backgrounds, with unique insights, perspectives, and approaches to tackle agricultural challenges.

Agri-sector is highlighting some young food and farming entrepreneurs who have transformed their love for farming, and sustainability to build a robust and more equitable farming system.

“Our society needs to understand that farming is the most important profession and a farmer should be respected for the same. Only if we add some basic knowledge of farming, farmers can grow like anything and can make our country a golden bird once again.”

Pramod Gautam – Proprietor, Vandana processed pulses

A former automobile engineer, who switched to farming in 2006, has started farming now. He decided to give farming an earnest shot on his only 26 acre ancestral land. Initially, he faced many challenges in farming. He planted with groundnut and turmeric but reaped no profit. In 2007-08, he switched wholly to horticulture. He planted oranges, guavas, lemon; sweet limes raw bananas and toor dal.

He sells the processed and unpolished pulses under the brand of “Vandana”. Now, his annual turnover is around more than one crore after implementing a radically different method of cultivation. Additionally, he earns Rs. 10-12 Lakhs from horticulture, which is much more than what he was earning as an engineer.

Sachin Kale:

Sachin was also a mechanical engineer at Punj Llyod in Gurugram as per 24 lakhs per annum hefty package.  In 2013, he kicked out his luxurious life and started farming. He invested his 15 year old provident fund in setting up a clean energy model where his farm was useful all year around and gave a maximum of profit. He launched his own company, Innovative Agrilife Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This company helps farmers as per contract farming model.