ADB approves $400 million loan to transform secondary education in Sri Lanka

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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) unveiled a $400 million loan package to transform the secondary education system in Sri Lanka that will benefit about 953,000 students annually.

Notably, the island country aspires to be an advanced knowledge economy, and the ‘Secondary Education Sector Improvement Program’ will support reforms under the government’s General Education Sector Development Plan.

“The program will equip the young people with knowledge and skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and commerce. It will enhance readiness for further education in STEM fields and foster competencies for higher productivity and adaptability,” the multilateral lender said.

With a focus on practical application of knowledge and integration of cognitive and socio-emotional skills, the program also focuses on refining teaching quality as well.

Under this program, over 47,000 upper secondary education teachers will be trained on inquiry-based and interactive learning approaches.