The AI systems Agriculture team of the first AI Cohort presenters emerged as the winners of the Techmindset Africa LIVE – AI – CONTEST presentation

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The AI systems Agriculture team of the first AI Cohort presenters emerged as the winners of the Techmindset Africa LIVE – AI – CONTEST presentation with their innovative idea to automate farming process, currently manual, set to increase yields, cut costs, and predict farming challenges like weather, diseases, soil nutrition, soil moisture needs, etc, before actual farming.

The team led by “Edgar Isohe” developed a conceptual framework for soil condition measurement by using AI data collection tools to predict weather, and test soil to create systems that will gather and disseminate information to farmers on best agricultural practices, in the most efficient way, while maximizing quality crop output, at the same time controlling costs pertaining to the process.

Other presenters of the day included AI legal team, led by Mr. John Ngunjiiri. The team emerged as the second runners up, presented the use of AI in legal analytics, to do an analysis of legal cases and be able to predict likely output of client cases like penalties, possible ruling, terms, etc.

While the third runners up were the AI Marketing team, led by Dinah Maina, who explained the use of AI in analyzing Marketing data to better understand consumer behavior to improve advertising and sales functions in organizations. We had other great teams like AI in Beauty and health revolutionizing how you access beauty information virtually through AI embedded apps, the financial industry that would embrace the unbanked through AI innovative solutions, and finally, AI transportation, that proposed innovative ways to streamline the transportation industry using AI tools.

Nairobi, Kenya – TechMindset Africa, an AI consultancy institution with a mission to empower Africa’s mindset towards technologies of the future through Artificial Intelligence held an event on Friday 19th February, where 6 groups from Cohort II made their presentations live for the first time for the world to see. This group of ambitious, curious individuals have been undergoing intense learning of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Deep Learning for the past 6 weeks. The students were tasked with using the knowledge they had acquired throughout the program and apply it to African problems. Their presentations were judged by 5 experts on different aspects of AI and Machine Learning, with the students being given masterly feedback on how their ideas could be applicable in real time. After excellent presentations from all the groups, there could only be one winner, it was AI Systems & Agriculture, they gave an in-depth demonstration on how AI and Machine Learning can make farming easier and more efficient. The event was held on Zoom, and was streamed Live to the public through Facebook on their page.

TechMindset Panelists:

The AI-Live Contest presenters were judged by a team of AI experts from different spectrum of worldwide industries. And they consisted of the following:

• Thalha Abubaker – a seasoned, visionary executive with more than 14 years of experience in driving multiple global IT / Telecom projects, business expansion opportunities, managing and sustaining client relationships, and efficiently managing cross-functional business operations across Asia & Africa. Currently spearheading Mesh Plus Plus Limited, Kenya [A subsidiary of MeshPlusPlus Inc. Chicago, USA] as the Head of Operations – Africa. I would bring the best of my knowledge, ability, passion and professionalism to extend the world of the internet to people and groups in Africa. I work with Mesh Plus Plus Limited to: Connect Worlds. Bring Smiles. Put people in touch. Make things happen. Know that a smile on any face looks the same and laughter in any language sounds the same.

• Mr. Alfred Ongere is a seasoned expert in matters AI. He Is also founder and lead director of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Kenya, a tech consultant, community builder, with vast experience in Ai where he was a student ambassador through Intel Corporation partnership where he led institutions in sensitization on Artificial Intelligence.

• Deepak is a management consultant, strategic program manager, an agile leadership trainer and evangelist all rolled in to one. He has multiple  years of experience in creating and running strategic programs for transformation, growth, innovation, market acquisitions and retentions. His experience ranges from start-ups to fortune 500 firms. As an enthusiastic business agilist, he loves to evangelise about need for business agility in today’s uncertain world.

• Carol is a data scientist with over 2 years of experience. She is part of AI Centre of Excellence which is primarily focused on demystifying AI in Africa. She has always wanted to pursue a career in a mathematical related field and found data science as the perfect fit for her. She has previously worked for a WHO funded project in partnership with the Ministry of Health (MOH) through creating scripts that would automatically generate reports. She is currently working on a credit risk algorithm tool that will help in increasing the profit margin through controlling the risk involved. She loves traveling with her most recent travel being to Accra, Ghana for a women in machine learning program sponsored by Google.

• Saura Panigrahi, Co-curator with Agrigate Global and founder of This Side Up – a communications agency.

“Honored to be amongst the panel of judges for AI Africa Live Contest, hosted by TechMindset Africa Limited. The event brings together different teams from across the African continent. The teams present how AI can solve real world problems plaguing the world and Africa in particular” said Deepak Chauhan, Management Consultant who was one of the 5 expert judges in the event.

The Moderator

The event was moderated by TechMindset Africa Founder and CEO Ms. Joan Mbesya. An expert in technology for businesses, passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Her key focus is the agricultural industry in Africa, with purpose to find greater ways these industries can adopt future technologies. She is also passionate about girl child empowerment, orphans, and the intersex community. A strong believer that knowledge is the ultimate weapon to poverty. And through education, TechMindset is on a mission to empower through knowledge in AI and ML.


The event had tremendous presentations that touched on at least eight industries across Africa. The presenters were diverse with participants presenting all the way from Sierra Leon, Zimbabwe, USA Texas, and the larger East African states. Below are the presentations, and team members who participated:

1.      The Legal team which was represented by:

a.      John Ngunjiiri
b.      Audrey Mutimos
c.       Oscar Luchivya

2.      AI Systems in Agriculture team which was presented by:

a.      Edgar Isohe
b.      Job Ochicho
c.       Denis Kariuki

3.      Beauty and Health team which was presented by:

a.      Amanda Tsiga
b.      Rogers Ndocha

4.      AI & Transportation which was presented by:

a.      Joseph Conteh
b.      Oscar Luchivya

5.      AI & Finance team which was presented by:

a.      Amanda Tsiga
b.      Rogers Ndocha

6.      Marketing and Advertising team which was presented by:

a.      Catherine Muthoni
b.      Dinah Maina

The teams were all winners given the fact that, they researched, applied and demonstrated successfully how Artificial Intelligence can be applied across industries in Africa. The judges were however tasked to vote on the presentations based on Originality, Applicability, Innovativeness, Product Viability and impact the concept will have on the industry or lives.

Consequently, there emerged one winner in the event based on the above categories, and this was the AI Systems and Agriculture team, led by Edgar, and Job Oloo.
The event ended at 19:30 hours E.A.T. with pomp and accolades from the guests, presenters, and judges.

TechMindset Africa is currently getting ready to take applications for Cohort III, which is set to start on Monday 1st March to Friday 9th April.


(Disclaimer: The above press release comes to you from TechMindset Africa. Agrigate Global takes no editorial responsibility for the same.)