AgriGate Global in collaboration with TechMindset Africa to skill young Africans in applications of AI/ML in agriculture

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Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA (28 March 2022)-Agrigate Global- Global Agriculture community platform-collaborated with TechMindset Africa to launch Ai:Grow, a learning program to promote Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning amongst the next generations of young African agriculture professionals.

Speaking at the “Tropics Tech & Influence Summit” organised by the Tropics Media Group, Saura Panigrahi, co-founder of AgriGate Global reveals his plan to skill 10,000 young Africans in various applications of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT and Data Science in agriculture, during the next three years.

“The skills we have today are for solving yesterday’s problems, we need to equip our next generations of agriculture professionals with skills that will solve the challenges of the future. AI and ML are already showing the potential to help close the gap”, said Saura Panigrahi. 

Speaking on the collaboration Joan Mbseya, CEO and founder of Techmindset Africa said, “The quest to drive AI within the Agriculture sector has been immense, and TechMindset Africa has aligned its vision to mirror AgriGate Global on skilling 10,000 young Africans. And therefore the collaboration with Agrigate Global comes in at the right time, to actualize the vision and play a major part through a virtual learning platform that will host the AI for Agriculture content. We are excited to work on this endeavour and be part of eliminating hunger in Africa.

This collaboration will bring dynamic changes in the field of agriculture for Africa.