Azerbaijan’s research institute launches a new app called ‘Agropolis’ for farmers

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Azerbaijan’s Center for Agrarian Science and Innovation has recently launched a new mobile app – Agropolis – in order to provide farmers with fast and easy access to agro-consulting services.

The announcement was made by project manager Anar Nazarov at the meeting held at the Institute for Agricultural Research of the Center for Agrarian Science and Innovation, in an attempt to establish relations with the Institute of Agricultural research to create new value in providing agricultural consulting services.

Any ag-consulting company, research institutes or individual experts can use this app to offer their services for growers.

Sources said the app’s test version has already been launched, where farmers can avail the online services of agricultural specialists.

In addition, in the new version of the app, farmers will have the opportunity to order agricultural consulting services online, according to reports.

Nazarov stated that with the launch of the application, agricultural specialists and consulting companies will be able to offer their services to more and more farmers, and farmers will have the opportunity to get acquainted with additional services in the application and to identify the most appropriate services for themselves and to receive them immediately.

“We are interested in creating conditions for the institute to offer its services to farmers and establish cooperation with the institute, given that the Institute of Agricultural Research offers farmers various agricultural consulting and other services,” Nazarov added.

Also, institute director Faig Khudayev provided detailed information on the agricultural institute’s research priorities, areas of activity and regionalized varieties.

It is worth noting that the aim of the Agrarian Science and Innovation Center is to ensure:

  • Productivity
  • Food Quality
  • Sustainable Food Security
  • Economic Development
  • Protection of natural resources
  • Environment Protection
  • Innovative Agricultural Technologies