Lockdown: Indian Railways transports more than 4.2 million tonnes of foodgrains

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Indian Railways continues its endeavour to ensure availability of essential commodities like foodgrains through its freight services during the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19. 

In order to ensure uninterrupted supply of daily essentials, Railways carried food grains in its over 3,600 wagons across the country yesterday. During the lockdown period from 25th of last month till yesterday, more than 4.2 million tonnes of foodgrains have been transported by the national carrier.

Railways is working in close coordination with Ministry of Agriculture for supply of foodgrains across the country. Container Corporation of India is also working in association with NAFED to ensure transportation of pulses.

Indian Railways has identified 65 routes for Parcel Special Trains since the start of the lockdown for perishable commodities including fruits, vegetables, milk and dairy products and seeds for agriculture purpose. 

Trains are being run even on those routes where demand is less, so that no part of the country remains unconnected. En-route stoppages at all feasible locations for maximum possible clearance of parcels is also done.