I support local farmers as it gives small businesses the opportunity to grow: Sana

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Though India is on the full lockdown situation and no one is going out anywhere, it is an opportunity for us to read about people who are doing great in their fields.

One such person is Sana, who has not only won prizes for best food and travel blogger, but also got featured in various national and international dailies.

We, at Agrigate, recently got in touch with Sana to talk about how coronavirus and the lockdown are affecting the food industry and her work. Here is what she said:

Q. When did you get involved in the food industry?

Sana: I started around 5 years back, at a time when there weren’t too many bloggers or influencers as there are now.

Q. How has corona affected the food industry and your Instagram?

Sana: Since most of us are in a curfew or a lockdown it is difficult to go out and create content but in a way, we get a chance to showcase our creativity by cooking and experimenting with dishes at home.

Q. When corona was introduced in media, many people stopped eating non-veg, were you among those?

Sana: Nope, I have still continued with my usual dietary restrictions. I have never consumed any exotic meats so I guess chicken and fish are my sources of proteins, which are also safe to consume as it has been a food for years, unlike wild animals.

Q. What are your plans to engage your audience till the lockdown is released?

Sana: I am experimenting more with baking, and at the same time asking engaging questions with my followers be it with polls, questions or doing live Instagram cooking sessions.

Q. How important do you think agriculture is for a country – people and economy?

Sana: It is extremely important, I support local farmers and products in my country as it gives small businesses the opportunity to grow.

Q. On what basis do you shortlist the places you want to try out to eat?

If it’s a new place, I would regardless go to try it, as not many people would know about it and that helps me to be different from the rest. Also if the interiors are aesthetically pleasing it helps, to make the content more engaging.