Tuya Smart Showed Up IFA 2022 with “Double Carbon” Smart IoT Solutions

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NEW YORK, Sept. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tuya Smart (hereinafter called Tuya) (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT development platform service provider, began to showcase its latest smart solutions at IFA 2022 in Berlin, Germany on September 2nd.

The highlight of Tuya’s exhibition follows the theme ‘Make Life Smarter, Comfortable and Energy-saving with Tuya’ which attracts many experts, reporters, and various audiences to the booth.

Tuya demonstrated various immersive scenes and displayed cutting-edge smart devices. Tuya also helped the audience learn more about Tuya Solutions for Matter and Tuya’s Cube Private Cloud solutions. This enabled the audience to explore the “new definition” of sustainable development.

There has been a range of measures taken by different countries to help achieve sustainable development. For example, the U.S. rejoined the Paris Agreement and the German parliament amended its federal Climate Action Law. In addition, the U.K. published its ambitious Net Zero Strategy. How can we help play our part in building a sustainable future?

Below Tuya demonstrates how it has strived to achieve the “double carbon” goal and promote global sustainable development through its innovative technologies.

I. Make Life Smarter and Comfortable and Energy-saving with Tuya

We have been taking several methods to save energy at home and reduce our carbon footprint, such as turning off the lights after we leave the room and separating waste from renewables. What else can we do? The following solutions powered by Tuya will provide an answer.

– ZONN Thermostar Radiator Valve

In Europe, especially in northern Europe, winter lasts longer while the temperature stays low, which causes heaters to consume high amounts of energy. The Zonn Thermostar Radiator Valve enabled by Tuya can be simply installed on your existing heater at home. You can create custom programmable modes based on your preference. If you are about to go on a vacation and worry about the heater running particularly high in your home, you can select the holiday function that will save between 15% to 30% in energy. The heater will operate under a low-noise function and help you reduce your electricity bills.

– WALE Wi-Fi IR Controller with Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The WALE Wi-Fi IR Controller with Temperature and Humidity Sensor also performs well in saving energy. It can be connected to the air conditioner, humidifier, and other devices enabled by Tuya to accurately detect the temperature and humidity. When the temperature and humidity reach a comfortable level or exceed the set limit, it will push a notice to you to avoid further energy waste caused by excessive power consumption.

– MEIAN Water Immersion Sensor

It is a ‘nightmare’ to have experienced a water leakage or a flood in your house. But if you have installed the Meian Water Immersion Sensor enabled by Tuya, you will be able to identify such a crisis as soon as it happens. It can detect water leakages under ultra-low power consumption, so that you can quickly communicate with the property manager or ask your relatives to help out to avoid property damage.

– ESSENTIALS Portable Powerstation

Energy storage and renewable energy are also crucial to achieving sustainable development. The Essentials Portable Power Station powered by Tuya provides energy storage and energy replacement solutions for families. The portable battery pack is equipped with solar panels. Solar energy serves as a power supply back-up that can reduce your dependence on traditional energy. With a capacity of up to 1021W, it can provide power while charging and enable you to shift to solar energy power while in operation.

II. Make Life Healthier with Tuya

This year, Tuya set up the ‘Make Life Healthier with Tuya’ zone to showcase many innovative solutions in healthcare, highlighting ‘intelligence with more intimate’ to fulfill people’s increasing demands for a healthy life.

– ZAYATA Smart Pill Dispenser

Imagine how confused you would be if you had so many pills in your hands and were wondering what pills need to be taken. Also, imagine trying to figure out what times different pills need to be taken. This Tuya-enabled ZAYATA Smart Pill Dispenser has up to twenty-eight days of pill capacity, as well as you can set up at most nine dosage reminders in one day and upload medication records through the App.

– WO-SMART Smart Bracelet V300

Wearable smart devices are becoming more and more popular, not only because they know the state of your health, such as your heart rate, oxygen levels, and blood pressure in real-time, but also because they can be connected with your other devices in your home. The Smart Bracelet V300 enabled by Tuya allows you to manage other smart devices enabled by Tuya in your home through Alexa. Imagine being in a dry environment, you can turn on your humidifier in the room through this the, and immediately feel the humid air at home that will ease the discomfort of your respiratory system.

– ZONN HL60 Series Functional Health Pillows

In terms of sleep monitoring, the HL60 Series Functional Health Pillows enabled by Tuya adopted far-infrared heating technology. This technology can adjust the temperature, which effectively prevents and alleviates cervical spondylosis and improves your sleep.

– YANXING RC Series Smart Jump Ropes

The same “intimate” is also reflected in the “lightweight” smart skipping rope of Tuya’s empower.

This series smart skipping rope has built-in triple hall sensors, which record the exercise data accurately. Its large LED digital screen on the handle clearly displays the skipping number, time and battery power by switching the buttons. Its pure PVC rope is not only soft and wear-resistant, most important is it completely solve the pain point of skipping rope tangle.

It is worth mentioning that the three smart skipping ropes RC1, RC2 and RC3 in this series support the convenient replacement of cordless balls, which not only effectively avoids rope jams and reduces movement noise, but also improves the safety factor of exercise at home. Even if you are exercising at home, you don’t have to worry about the rope tripping on furniture or electrical appliances, and you won’t accidentally trip over it, giving your health an extra layer of peace of mind.

– YK ANC NC-1050 Headset

YK ANC NC-1050 Headset can reduce noise by up to 95% in a loud environment. It is equipped with comfortable soft memory foam ear cups that gently fold around your ears to protect them. The headset also comes with an adjustable headband and 90 ° rotatable ear cups, which will fit around your head better and prevent you from headaches if you wear it all day.

III. Make Life Safer with Tuya

Smart security door locks have been gradually recognized by the market since they solve two problems, First, “Did I lock the door?” and second, “I forgot to bring my keys!” In the third scene, ‘Make Life Safer with Tuya’ showed some innovative home security door lock solutions.

– LOCKIN Smart Keybox

The Tuya-enabled Lockin Smart Key Box breaks through the limitations of the traditional safe. You can remotely authorize others to unlock the box and synchronize the unlock records through an App.

– SMARTEK Smart Lock Cylinder

This Smartek Smart Lock Cylinder enabled by Tuya is more convenient compared to the traditional smart lock replacement since you do not need to replace the entire lock. You only need to replace the lock cylinder, which is affordable, and then you will have achieved smart security. In addition, the self-contained emergency power supply of the lock cylinder allows you to open the door even if there is no electricity.

IV. IoT helps sustainable development by encouraging people to embrace green life

With the rapid development of science and technology, sustainable development has become a hot topic across the world. More and more enterprises have begun to actively participate in achieving carbon neutrality. But to implement ‘a double carbon policy’ is not an issue for one person or one company, is an important matter for the whole world.

At this year’s IFA, Tuya, together with many partners, redefined sustainable development by using IoT technology. For families, Tuya’s Energy Saving Dashboard helps them monitor household power consumption in real-time and to save energy. In addition, Tuya-enabled devices help families easily save energy. For commercial and industrial customers, Tuya integrates smart all-in-one solutions such as Smart Industry solutions, Smart Park solutions, and Smart Hotel solutions. Through its energy management system and data platform, the management can see energy consumption in real time. It can also help enterprises reduce costs and improve the efficiency of business. In addition, it can reduce their impact on the environment, as well as help achieve sustainable development.

On September 3rd, Tuya will invite its ecosystem partners to hold ‘Tuya Day’ on IFA 2022. On “Tuya Day,” Tuya’s teams will demonstrate the company’s newest technologies and present industry insights on sustainable development strategies for global customers and visitors.

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