Tuya Champions Energy Efficiency and Sustainability with Leading European Brands at IFA 2022

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BERLIN, Sept. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tuya Smart (“Tuya” or the “Company”) (NYSE: TUYA; HKEX: 2391), a global IoT development platform service provider, hosted “Tuya Day” with leading European brands and partners at the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin. Under the theme “Accelerating Smart Sustainability,” Tuya’s industry partners from lighting, entertainment, heating, and more spoke on how smart solutions can reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and support global sustainable development goals.

“Energy-saving and sustainable lifestyles are not only the responsibility of governments but are now a responsibility we all share. IoT technology plays a critical role in helping enterprises and families save on utilities and optimize energy efficiency. Through the Tuya IoT Development Platform, we hope to bring more innovative and cost-effective smart energy solutions to Europe,” said Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Cooperation and CMO of Tuya Smart, Eva Na, during the opening event speech.

Tina Yu, Tuya Smart’s General Manager of Eurasia and North America, explained how Tuya has partnered with brands and factories across various industries to support sustainable development. “We integrate Tuya’s full IoT platform capabilities to deliver a home energy management solution which consists of Energy Data Visualization, Energy Distribution and Control, as well as Energy Saving Strategy and Management. Our development platform allows companies to quickly launch new energy-efficient products to suit the changing needs of consumers. In the future, we will expand our commitment to provide a next-generation platform for customers to better innovate their sustainability efforts,” said Yu.

The event featured leading brands in the European market including Sharp Consumer Electronics Europe, CALEX, Energy Sistem, Nedis, Northpoint GmbH, and iHelios Living Reinvented. Representatives spoke about energy-saving products and showcased innovative case studies from their work with Tuya.

How Sharp is utilizing IoT to address growing demand for smart e-mobility

Sharp Corporation is a worldwide developer of innovative products and core technologies that continues to shape the future of electronics. Sharp sets its business vision as “Changing the World with 8K+5G and AIoT.” 8K technology creates images that reveal a world beyond our everyday reality and gives birth to thrilling new discoveries.  Aside from delivering stunning television experiences, Sharp is also becoming a leader in e-mobility and green electric products.

“Sharp’s environmental responsibility has been in our DNA for years,” said Cezary Urynowicz, Product Director of the Smart Life Ecosystem at Sharp Consumer Electronics Europe. At the Tuya Day event, Urynowicz highlighted two new electric scooters, the EM-KS1 and the EM-KS2. The models boast a compact design and long range that can support the normal commuting needs for consumers in Europe. In particular, the EM-KS2 model can go up to 40 kilometers on a single charge, can greatly reduce user reliance on cars and reduce carbon emissions.

CALEX: Energy efficient lighting, maximizing market penetration with Tuya

Electro Cirkel Retail (CALEX) is a brand that specializes in the lighting and smart home industry. As one of the first firms to introduce energy-efficient filament LED bulbs to Europe in 2014, CALEX distinguishes itself with quality, innovation, logistics excellence, and speed-to-market.

“Our Tuya partnership has enabled us to strengthen our position in the consumer lighting industry but has also helped us penetrate the market with diversified product categories. The Tuya-enabled App adds market value to our smart products’ development which attracts potential customers who want to realize intelligence at home from various aspects,” said Michiel Teunis, Business Development Manager at CALEX.

Energy Sistem presents Earphones Style 4 with Tuya-enabled Esmart Connect App

Energy Sistem is an established European technology brand, specializing in personal audio products. The company was the first to launch MP3 players in Spain and has grown to become a leader in the European Bluetooth headphones market. 

Miguel Ángel Orgaz de la Torre, Product Engineer of Energy Sistem said, “By partnership with Tuya, our best-selling product, the Earphone Style 4, is now compatible with our Esmart Connect App. Tuya’s IoT development platform helped us quickly realize the intelligence of our earphone products. The App is easy to use and it can display the last location where the headphones connected to the user’s phone and help users find lost devices. This useful feature will help our users track headphones easily.”

Tuya and Nedis use cases for European retail partners

Nedis offers electronic solutions that give the very best in terms of health, convenience, and personalization in Europe and beyond for over 40 years. Over 800,000 users have joined the Nedis SmartLife ecosystem. With over 150+ different products, Nedis SmartLife has become one of the most popular smart home brands in Europe.

“Working with Tuya enables us to meet our customers’ needs quickly and flexibly,” said Oscar Amperse, Board Member and Marketing Director of Nedis Group, “they have GDPR and BSI ISO certifications which guarantee the safety of private data.” Amperse also discussed how Tuya’s ecosystem is a ‘product universe’ that constantly adds new features and offers full technical support which matches the high commitment of Nedis SmartLife. “Our partnership with Tuya helps Nedis Group penetrate the market and shorten the distance between consumers and retailers,” concluded Amperse.

Northpoint GmbH: Promoting energy-saving potential through Powered by Tuya products

Established in 2010 in Hamburg, Northpoint GmbH is specialized in the lighting and electronics sector. With services across Europe, Northpoint GmbH is well-versed in the various country-specific regulations and requirements in the region, and works with longstanding production partners to ensure an uninterrupted supply chain for each country requirement.

“Due to rising energy costs, energy efficiency has become a necessity, as well as becoming a driving force for product development and upgrades. Our smart light bulb enables individual timing settings for on and off times in desired brightness level, ensuring automatic switch-off to stop energy consumption. Our packaging comes with a drawing of smart home scenarios built with Tuya-enabled products on the outside of the box, which shows energy-saving potentials and other benefits that attract new customers to the IoT environment through cost-saving motivation,” said Waldemar Anton, Managing Director of Northpoint GmbH.

iHelios: Working with Tuya to maximize project efficiency, control and sustainability

As the first company in the U.K. market to provide a fully-controlled heating system, iHelios Living Reinvented Ltd knows how to make households smarter and more efficient. iHelios devices provide a comprehensive environment that adapts to the needs of the entire family, allowing individual household users to create a smart home in an easy, secure, and fun way.

“By adopting Tuya’s OEM SaaS solution, the iHelios ecosystem can support multiple devices including thermostats, lighting, door entry, and many more sector solutions for our customers. Tuya’s intuitive OEM app provides a smooth user experience, which is good for iHelios and great for our customers,” said Co-Founder of iHelios Living Reinvented Ltd., Slawek Jagiello.

Since the opening of IFA 2022, Tuya’s interactive showroom has already attracted thousands of visitors. Tuya Day created a stage for Tuya’s partners to show how IoT technology can be a leader for energy efficiency and benefit global sustainable development. In the future, Tuya will continue to work with global brands and manufacturers to bring smart solutions to more vertical scenarios and contribute to a carbon-neutral world through innovative IoT technology.

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