Together, For A Digital Future: The H3C NAVIGATE 2022 International Business Summit Successfully Concludes

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BEIJING, May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Themed “Together, For A Digital Future”, the H3C NAVIGATE 2022 International Business Summit, attended by a number of ICT industry experts, scholars, senior executives and business partners who discussed the opportunities and challenges in the development of the digital economy, came to a successful conclusion on the afternoon of May 16th.

At the annual global event, Gary Huang, Co-President of H3C and President of International Business, launched the H3C 2022 International Market Strategy, with the mission of establishing itself as the best global partner for digital transformation both in terms of ecosystem and technology.

Gary Huang, Co-President of H3C and President of International Business, launched the H3C 2022 International Market Strategy at the H3C NAVIGATE 2022 International Business Summit.

“In 2021, with the support of our partners and customers, H3C achieved substantial growth while rolling out a series of innovative products and solutions globally. Our International Business has steadily expanded its footprint, with its WLAN, Ethernet switches and routers ranking among the top four in global market share, making H3C one of the world’s fastest growing vendors,” said Gary Huang. “In the future, we will continue to provide quality products and services to our international customers, facilitating quality-focused sustainable development of the global digital economy.”

Huang highlighted that in 2022, H3C is committed to developing and executing on an ecosystem- and technology-oriented market strategy, which is focused on building a healthy ecosystem and offering scenario-based solutions, in a bid to help accelerate the digital transformation in an all-round way from technology innovation, ecosystem health and scenario understanding.

He further explained that underpinned by the “Partner First” principle and driven by the concept of “Working Together, Winning Together and Blooming Together”, the H3C international ecosystem strategy in 2022 is to strengthen our supporting and empowering platforms for better working together with different kinds of partners, wining together with them and finally build an open and blooming ecosystem. While a key part of the 2022 International Market Strategy is for the company to closely engage with the partners in exploring scenario-based solutions governed by unique customer needs, facilitating the transition to digital environments for all industries.

Four Key Scenario-Based Solutions Unlocking Industry Pain Points

With the growing demand for digitalization worldwide, H3C has launched an array of scenario-based solutions for the public sectors, education, healthcare and SMB sectors, among others, that help facilitate the entry of all sectors into the global digital economy.

Qiao Yan, Vice President of H3C International Business, launched H3C 2022 four Scenario-based Key Solutions at the summit.

At the summit, Qiao Yan, Vice President of H3C International Business, launched H3C 2022 four Scenario-based Key Solutions, with a focus on Synergy Working, Innovative Education, Efficient Healthcare and Reliable Public Service. He also elaborated on some examples of best practices.

“As a global leader in digital solutions, H3C ICT products and solutions are highly compatible with the needs of all industries. They not only meet the needs of connectivity with quality technical products, but also facilitate collaboration between businesses with digital solutions, provide one-stop full-scenario services for customers, thus greatly enhancing the delivery capability of business partners, meeting their operation and management needs, and eventually boosting the digital transformation of all industries,” said Qiao.

  • Synergy Working Solution: Under the disruptive economic and other uncertain factors, business organizations are facing pressing challenges for their IT infrastructure. To meet these challenges, H3C rolls out its Synergy Working solution which converges H3C Cloudnet solution, Network Access Control solution and the latest MagicHub. The H3C Cloudnet offers multi-branch WAN interconnection across wired and wireless devices; the H3C Network Access Control solution supports high-performance, high-concurrency secure accessing for mobile terminals, and the MagicHub, a smart screen product, can ensure efficient and intelligent cloud-based collaborative work experience. With the multiple software and hardware integration, the H3C Synergy Working solution is an edge-to-cloud total solution that redefines the future of work. 
  • Innovative Education Solution: The pandemic has imposed the challenges of digitalization by turning to online learning upon many educational institutions including Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) in Malaysia. H3C helped UTAR take a closer step in moving towards the goal of accelerating the digital transformation by providing a campus network, Wi-Fi 6 solution and Cloudnet solution, using the latest public cloud management platform to monitor and manage their network devices. In the education scenario, the Innovative Education solution by H3C enables digital education for anyone, at anytime and anywhere. It features the H3C Learningspace solution and innovative networking products including H3C Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7 APs and S5130S series, which is “the Switch of Silence” with excellent performance of cooling, noise and power consumption reduction.
  • Efficient Healthcare Solution: The epidemic has also impacted public medical services and people’s lives worldwide, and the importance of efficient and trustworthy medical services has become increasingly prominent. H3C has empowered the digital transformation of many hospitals with partners globally in the past few years. The integrated solution of H3C UIS HCI and AD-Campus solution can help users build a stable, efficient and open digital healthcare platform, laying the foundation for the organizations to deploy smart medical applications. In addition, the H3C UIS 7.0 HCI solution provides a collaborative infrastructure that is shared, secure and green, and responds to ever-changing business needs by way of an efficient architecture to effectively enable trustworthy medical services. In Japan for example, to tackle with the challenges of data sharing, governance and security, the Medical Corporation Sapporo Heart Center, Sapporo Cardio Vascular Clinic undertook deep cooperation with H3C for the innovation and upgrading of its business.
  • Reliable Public Service Solution: The pressure for the world to get on board with digital transformation extends to the public sector. The sector is one with its own set of challenges that need to be addressed: how to make public services more efficient, how to reduce operation and maintenance costs, and how to deal with an unpredictable cyber attack, just to name a few. H3C created a secure digital network platform for Pakistan’s National Information Technology Board (NITB) to improve their public service efficiency. Besides, the H3C Intelligent Digital Platform was fully upgraded this year, offering the solutions from edge to cloud, from hardware to software and from products to service. For the needs of key ICT scenarios, the digital platform can help customers reduce power consumption by 20-40% and improve operation efficiency by 40%.

“Looking forward, H3C will continue to keep up with the development trends of digital transformation, and, in collaboration with our customers and partners, strived to be the pioneers who build a thriving digital future for our planet, and one that is beneficial to all,” Qiao highlighted in his speech.

Green and Intelligent Campus Solution Empowers Low-Carbon Digital Future

The question of how to achieve the reduction in energy consumption and emissions across all industries without compromising the timely growth of the digital economy has emerged as one of the key global challenges to be addressed. Li Li, Vice President of H3C and President of Solution, shared with guests his thoughts on the innovative technologies and best practices being applied by H3C when building green and intelligent campus.

Li Li, Vice President of H3C and President of Solution, launched the Green and Intelligent Campus Solution at the summit.

The campus is the fundamental unit of the city. According to the data of the World Bank, 50% of the world’s population is in cities, and 80% of the world’s GDP and 70% of carbon emissions come from cities. As the main part of the city, the campus has not only become a spatial carrier for economic development, but also the area where energy conservation and emission reduction can best be implemented.

In response to the development of campus digital transformation, H3C has launched the Green and Intelligent Campus Solution. The solution is made up of 4 layers – infrastructure, IoT, Oasis digital platform and smart applications, enabling information collection and monitoring, data transmission, digital modeling and data-driven applications. By leveraging cloud computing, IoT, big data, AI and other ICT technologies to provide customers with data-driven smart services, the H3C Green and Intelligent Campus Solution allows them to build a zero-carbon operating system on a digital platform, adjust the energy layout of the campus, optimize carbon use for cost performance, while providing an impetus for the implementation of a full-scale campus-wide digital transformation.

Li said, “H3C applies ICT technology to various fields including safe practices, environmental protection, energy conservation, carbon emission reduction, and operations management, facilitating the construction of future campus with extremely intelligent and converged all-optical networks, driving the digital transformation of industries with intelligent and low-carbon solutions, ensuring to the maximum extent possible the sustainable, quality-driven development of campus, while making digitalization more dynamic and user-friendly.”

As a leader in digital solutions, H3C is committed to providing low-carbon, energy-saving and sustainable scenario-based digital solutions through continuous upgrading of the technology hand-in-hand with the training of the personnel. In the future, H3C will work closely with global customers and business partners to ensure the success of a digital future driven by technological innovation, putting in place all the elements to assure the world of a fully sustainable digital economy.


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