The Tropics Business Summit introduces its inaugural Tropics Tech & Influence Summit (25-26 march 2022) on global livestream

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Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA (19 March 2022) – TROPICS MEDIA GROUP – We are delighted to announce that the team behind one of the world’s leading meetings on investing in Africa, TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT, is launching the inaugural TROPICS TECH & INFLUENCE SUMMIT which will take place from the 25th to the 26th of March 2022 in virtual format.
Following on from the success of our physical events over the past 5 years which include sell-out live Tropics Business Mixers of over 15,000 attendees and a roster of globally renowned speakers, sponsors, and partners including MasterCard, Orange, National Basketball Association (NBA) amongst others, we will continue our tradition of bringing extraordinary speakers, partners and opportunities to you with the TROPICS TECH & INFLUENCE SUMMIT this year.
In today’s new market, the landscape for events has changed and there is an understandable and necessary increase in demand for quality virtual conferences. TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT’s track record gives us a unique ability to lead and deliver the same quality of content and engagement via a virtual platform since 2020. The forthcoming TROPICS TECH & INFLUENCE SUMMIT promises to become a world-class virtual event offering unique and multilingual Tech-focused content, inspire insight and synergies with respected voices from the industry.
This 2-day, jointly curated event by the TROPICS VENTURES GROUP alongside OS HOLDINGS, TROPICS MAGAZINE, AMATHUBA AI and the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE LUXEMBOURG – CAPE VERDE is also endorsed by TROPICS INVEST & CO., GREENTEC CAPITAL PARTNERS, XEGARA, AFRIKA SYNERGIES, YUNUS INVEST, AXUM, ARMOOH WILLIAMS, EXCELLYS ACADEMY, and UNSTOPPABLE WINNER will have content from international speakers across two stages, one-to-one networking opportunities in the virtual TROPICS DEAL ROOM with influential thought-leaders and fully interactive options for engagement with both speakers and other attendees throughout Day 2. Using cutting-edge technology, our attendees will have an unforgettable virtual experience where they will engage with an an exciting lineup of experts from 4 continents (Africa, Europe, America and Asia) to discuss, debate, exchange knowledge and network effectively, all without the need to engage each other in person.
The TROPICS TECH & INFLUENCE SUMMIT is an exciting new step on our journey and we look forward to announcing key speakers in the coming DAYS. We have worked tirelessly with our leading international partners and companies to ensure the delivery of this new event across all social media platforms including YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
With the advent of the AfCFTA – African Continental Free Trade Area, Africa remains the gateway and a global node to the world’s fastest-growing digital economies. TROPICS TECH & INFLUENCE, therefore, serves as a buildup event to the 6th annual TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT happening later this year in Praia, Cabo Verde from 10th to 15th October 2022 under the High Patronage of Mr Francisco Carvalho (Mayor of the City or Praia), with the goal to drive conversations only possible on the African continent across Business, tech and Government leaders that will shape our shared digital future and power all our 54 African Economies. The TROPICS TECH & INFLUENCE SUMMIT 2022 attendees can register their interest by email ([email protected] cc [email protected] ) or register via Eventbrite. From there, attendees can receive all updates between the time of registration until the day of the event. For any additional information, please feel free to email [email protected] or follow our official hashtags on social media: #TropicsBusinessSummit and #TropicsTECHxINFLUENCE to receive our updates in real-time.