The Strong Generation: A New Revolution Starting from Taiwan Spreads to the World

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TAIPEI, March 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A report from The Icons:

The Strong Generation comes from the Baby Boom generation and have experienced high education, industrialization, globalization, securitization, and digitalization. They have hopped on the train of economic rise and possessed two-thirds of the wealth in the society. According to statistics, the median age of Taiwan’s population was 23.1 in 1980 while that of other countries, such as France, the U.S., Japan, and the U.K., was over 30.

Dr. Chun-Cheng Wu, currently the President of “Jet-Go Consulting Group” and the Chairman of Strong Generation Association.

According to a report recently published by 《The Icons》, Dr.Chun-Cheng Wu, the Chairman of Strong Generation Association (stronggeneration) warns that in 2025 Taiwan will become an ultra-aged society in which one in five would be more than sixty-five years old, transforming the demographic structure from a pyramid into an inverted pyramid. Consequently, Dr. Wu came up with a slogan two years ago, “the spring of the Strong Generation,” which he called a liberation movement for the highly-aged.

“It will start from Taiwan,” said Dr. Wu. “It is foreseeable that this kind of collective awakening would have an impact on countries whose median age is similar, such as China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. Then it will spread to the Western nations. Despite the variety of global issues, we will not stop making this world a better place with the revolution of ‘the spring of the Strong Generation.”

Chun-Cheng Wu: It Starts from “Education”

Last October, the latest book written by Chun-Cheng Wu, “The Spring of the Strong Generation: Nine Predictions on the Liberation Movement of the Highly-aged People,” became the bestseller on, the largest online bookstore in Taiwan, after one day since its release. His book focuses on ageing and low birth rate, offers solutions to those problems and mentions four topics – individual awakening, cultural activation, policy arousal, and industry arising. Besides, he boldly raised essential questions and proposes recommendations to ten government ministries which are relevant to the issues of the Strong Generation, inviting people to contemplate and discuss.

Chun-Cheng Wu remains devoted to the training courses of “Strong Generation Speaker” in Taiwan. His goal is to train 1,000 lecturers, and “it is crucial to let the Strong Generation be aware of the importance of themselves and discover that this revolution is not to become the new generation’s enemy but to create a better positive cycle in which their needs will be considered and turned into business opportunities for the youth.”

The Strong Generation Uses Their Social Influence on Magnifying the Energy of ESG

Chun-Cheng Wu mentioned three foundations on which the elaboration of the Strong Generation is based: personal social responsibility, corporate social responsibility, and government social responsibility; these three elements would be the keys to motivate the Strong Generation.

In addition, Chun-Cheng Wu has some suggestions for business owners and corporations regarding the social responsibility in ESG. “While your employees are becoming the Strong generation, how do you reassign their duties? While your customers are becoming the Strong Generation, how do you redesign your products and services? These are the things business owners cannot neglect as the Strong Generation is coming,” Chun-Cheng Wu pointed out.

Last, Chun-Cheng Wu appealed that everyone in different generations who is embracing the trend of the Strong Generation must face it, feel it and explore it with an open mind since its energy would be much more powerful than anyone can imagine.

Dr. Chun-Cheng Wu is currently the President of “Jet-Go Consulting Group” and the Chairman of Strong Generation Association

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