TerraScale Inc. Announces it is an Official Authorized Reseller for Equinix, The World’s Digital Infrastructure Company™

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Official Reseller Status Granted by Equinix Enables TerraScale Customers with Possibilities to Scale with Agility, Speed the Launch of Digital Services, Deliver World-Class Experiences and Multiply Their Value, While Supporting Their Sustainability Goals

SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 28, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — TerraScale Inc. announced today that it has been named authorized reseller for Equinix Inc. the world’s digital infrastructure company™. Equinix boasts over 240 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers with an ecosystem of 10,000+ companies including 55%+ of Fortune 500. With the most peers, the most markets and the most traffic, Equinix Internet Exchange® spans over 35 peering exchange points around the globe with traffic peaks that exceed 10 terabits per second (Tbps).

TerraScale became an authorized reseller for Equinix due to its green infrastructure projects in the United States and Japan and other international markets. This reseller authorization will allow TerraScale to have digital-first strategies in place for its customers, investing in a robust, future-looking business model and interconnecting to rich ecosystems, enabling them to scale, adapt and thrive.

Platform Equinix®, the world’s largest global platform of interconnected data centers, provides an infrastructure of over 10,000 companies in its global ecosystem located in 71 metros, 32 countries and on six continents as announced on the Q4 2022 results call on February 15, 2023. Equinix Metal® offers the ability to deploy infrastructure at software speed with automated, interconnected Bare Metal as a Service – improving performance, accessibility, and global reach with low latency.

LT General Russel Honoré (Ret.), Advisory Board Chairman of TerraScale, a decorated 37-year army veteran, global authority on leadership and advocate for incorporating green energy technology and sustainable practices into our economy said, “I’m honored to work with a company such as Equinix, whose commitment to being climate neutral globally by 2030 is what the business community needs to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change and do their part as corporate citizens. I look forward to working with TerraScale to reduce our carbon footprint and create a sustainable future for generations to come.”

“As we continue to strive for a sustainable energy future, it’s important to note that renewable energy sources like wind and solar, complemented by energy storage, will remain a crucial component of our green energy supply. Additionally, as renewable fuel production gains traction, they will play an increasingly important role as reliable backup options. Long-term energy storage solutions will also become a key element in our green energy supply, ensuring that we can access clean energy even during periods of low wind or sunlight,” said Robert Dibble, Professor of the Graduate School, University of California, Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering, Advisory Board member for TerraScale. “Reliability is of paramount importance in this transition, as any setbacks or failures in the system could compromise public trust in the ability to achieve 100% renewable energy.”

Prof. Dibble is best known for his research tied to laser diagnostics in turbulent reactive flows, generation of “green” fuels from biomass, including ethanol and biodiesel mitigation of greenhouse gases, highest efficiency and lowest pollution combustion of fuels derived from biomass, combustion issues related to global warming, conversion of waste heat to power via Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), spectroscopy, chemical kinetics, turbulent combustion, optics and electronics and most recently carbon capture and sequestration.

About TerraScale

TerraScale is a green technology and infrastructure development company reinventing the future of global sustainable development models. TerraScale places green energy, digital infrastructure, and cybersecurity at the center of its data center development projects and solutions. Bringing together the best-in-class partners and service providers across technology, green engineering, cybersecurity, real estate, energy construction firms, and more, TerraScale modernizes businesses and communities around the world – creating solutions and infrastructure that are future-proof. TerraScale is the winner of five prestigious design and architecture awards. For more information, visit https://terrascale.org/.

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