Teeccino Heeds The Call To Rewild The Planet

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif., March 18, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A new breed of environmentally responsible business is cropping up across the globe marked by a focus on rewilding the planet to promote biodiversity and combat climate change. Rewilding is the act of reintroducing native plants and animal species to restore and conserve the natural environment. Herbal coffee and tea brand, Teeccino, has instilled rewilding into its business model since 1994 when CEO and Founder Caroline MacDougall began using wild botanicals to create Teeccino’s blends. In partnership with Wild.org and the Global Rewilding Alliance, Teeccino is leading the way for like-minded businesses and consumers by sharing educational videos about the health benefits of rewilding on Global Rewilding Day and beyond.

March 20 marks the second annual Global Rewilding Day, an initiative started by The Global Rewilding Alliance. Over 130 conservation organizations from across the globe have joined forces to focus on how to keep 1/3 of the earth and the ocean wild in order to combat climate change, protect wilderness and preserve the planet for generations to come. Global Rewilding Day sheds light on the critical need for nature’s wild plants and animals to have sufficient habitat in which to thrive. By prioritizing the reintroduction of native plants and animal species, ecosystems can flourish and biodiversity can be restored while conserving the natural environment.

In honor of Global Rewilding Day, Teeccino is releasing a video that showcases the economic and health benefits of rewilding not only for the planet but also in our bodies through the thoughtful consumption of wild ingredients like the ramón seed whose collection was pioneered by the Company in the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Many more wild ingredients are found in Teeccino blends including carob pods from Spain, dandelion roots from E. Europe, rhodiola and eleuthero roots from Siberia, cinnamon from forests in Vietnam and more. The video highlights Teeccino’s work to maintain and rewild the Maya Biosphere Reserve, a unique and protected area in Guatemala that is home to the ramón tree, a 130ft tall, upper canopy tree. Caroline has been working for over 20 years to help local women in the villages within the Reserve gain income that helps them provide for their families.

“After decades of working with herbal ingredients, I know firsthand the environmental and health benefits that using wild ingredients can have. Teeccino is honored to celebrate Global Rewilding Day this year and we are excited to share more about this important cause with anyone concerned about climate change,” said MacDougall.

“Teeccino’s products and their embrace of rewilding at both an individual and global level is an example of how ethical businesses can create powerful change. Many people experience anxiety because they don’t know how they can contribute to the environmental transformation society needs. Teeccino’s full-spectrum commitment to rewilding offers these consumers new lifestyle choices that can heal body and planet. It’s a win-win for people and nature,” said Amy Lewis, Vice President of Policy & Communications at WILD.

About Teeccino

Caroline MacDougall launched Teeccino at Expo West in 1995 to satisfy both coffee and tea drinkers alike with its rich, bold, full-bodied flavor and its many health benefits. Nationally distributed in specialty grocery chains like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Wegmans, as well as etailers like Amazon and Vitacost, Teeccino flavors are the #1 coffee alternatives in the coffee set and the premier line of roasted herbal teas in the tea set. Unique among all teas and coffees, people often ask, is Teeccino coffee or is it tea? The answer is simple, it’s Teeccino! For more information visit teeccino.com

About WILD

WILD expands and empowers global coalitions that protect Earth’s life-giving wilderness. We are working towards a wild and healthy planet in which people and nature flourish. Founded in the Global South by a South African game ranger and his mentor, a Zulu elder, WILD embraces partnership and learning across people, cultures, and institutions recognizing that when we work together, nature thrives.

About Global Rewilding Alliance

The Global Rewilding Alliance mobilizes the power of people working together to rewild the Earth, solve climate change, halt mass extinction, and reduce the emergence of new pandemics. As an implementing partner of the United Nations Decade on Ecological Restoration, the Alliance is expanding recognition of the critically important role animals play in Earth’s capacity to capture and store carbon.

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