Sweetwater LLC Announces Price Increases Due to Covid

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DURANGO, Colo., Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — James P McMahon, CEO of Sweetwater LLC today announced across the board price increases on all water filtration systems. Sweetwater LLC provides drinking water filters and whole house water filters to consumers throughout the United States. These systems remove the contaminants present in both public water systems and private wells. Each system is tailored to the individual consumer.

“Covid continues to have an impact on the water filtration industry,” said McMahon. “Costs are increasing due to supply chain irregularities and production issues,” he added. “This requires that we increase retail pricing,” he added.

“Sweetwater’s unique approach is to first review the local water report for each consumer and listen to their goals before advising which water filtration system would suit their needs,” stated McMahon. Sweetwater LLC initiated this approach in 2003 and has since been copied by a handful of competitors. None, however, provide as thorough an approach. USEPA requires that each public water provider supply a list of regulated contaminants to the consumers it serves.

“You can’t just go online and buy the right water filter,” said McMahon. “You have to figure out what’s in your water first and what water filtration system will remove the unwanted contaminants. It’s confusing and Sweetwater specializes in helping consumers figure it out.”

Like other industries, the current pandemic has impacted pricing by affecting the supply chain. Minor delays have occurred but the primary impact has been inflationary. Production issues such as a shortage of employees at manufacturing facilities affect the cost of materials used in final assembly. In normal times prices may increase annually but the pandemic has changed that.

Sweetwater, LLC will implement price increases over the course of the next week after analyzing Covid impacts on each product it sells.

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