Super Soco CPx Arrives in North America

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VANCOUVER, BC, Aug. 17, 2021 /CNW/ – There is a wave of lightweight all electric two-wheelers, called the Super Soco hitting the world market in rapid success. The Super Soco CPx has become the top-selling electric model and one of the best-selling powered two-wheelers overall of the year so far and is poised to continue its legacy of growth in the European and Asian market with the upcoming entry in the North American market.

After e-bikes, it is now the turn of e-motorbikes to become ubiquitous

The Super Soco has grown in popularity in the big bustling urban areas of Europe and Asia, becoming an industry-leader in two-wheel electric transportation. After launching in Australia, where the Vmoto head office, is located, the Super Soco is positioned to take on the North American market. The decision to launch in North America is no surprise, as the growth in popularity has risen since 2017 with the growth in sales of several models and an ever growing popularity of the Super Soco brand.

The CPx is currently rated in the top five electric maxi scooters sold in the world, not only because of its immaculate design and beautiful appearance, but for its practicality as a daily urban commuter and perfectly suited to a busy metropolitan area. With its performance comparable to 125cc, the CPx can handle any roads and inclines, including highways. The long range (close to 150km) that it offers, including the comfortable seat and excellent suspension makes the CPX suitable especially for longer commutes. And it is not a surprise that the CPx is one of the best-selling electric maxi scooters in the world with all the advantages that it offers in comparison to ICE and electric scooters.


With its stylish design, Super Soco CPx is a guaranteed head turner wherever it goes, winning the hearts and minds of those who appreciate the beauty and practicality of this exciting electric scooter line for the urbanists.

Super Soco CPx design incorporates the new trend towards urban two wheelers to be as comfortable as a scooter, while seeming like a high-end motorcycle at the same time. Its’ large, extra thick padded seat offers comfort and plenty of room for two riders, and provides the ergonomics of a high end office chair to enhance the  commuter’s experience. The CPx offers stability and comfort with its 16″ front and 14″ rear wheel that makes it stand out compared to the 10″ wheels 50cc scooters. Its dual LED headlight and the large windscreen make this scooter not only modern and attractive but promotes safety and enhances the comfort of the rider. The sleek appearance and sophisticated and stylish colors, available in black, grey and silver with red, yellow and silver accents, provide an essence of opulence, reminiscent of a luxury car.


The CPx features an innovative patent pending engineering, with the rear direct drive single axle hub motor attached to a single swing arm. This design feature makes it a breeze to change the rear tire which a formula one trained mechanic would be able to change in about 5 seconds. This is actually a big deal as many riders with electric scooters with a rear hub motor would agree how painful it is to change a flat tire on a hub motor wheel. The motor and the sinewave controller tandem produce a peak power of 4.8kW equivalent to 5.4hp and provide a max speed of 90km/h. The versatility of CPx motor/controller system as any other electric motorcycle is that it can be programmed to a max continuous power of 1,500 W without losing its max power and torque. Thus CPx is categorized as a Limited Speed Motorcycle (LSM) and can be used with a regular driver’s license.

The CPx has 3 forward riding modes which for the fast version are 45km/h, 65km/h and 90km/h and for the LSM maxes up to 70km/h. It also has a reverse function which makes maneuvering an easy task. It also has a walk mode which is very useful if you have to push it uphill.

The first impression you will get when you twist the throttle will be how smooth but quick to accelerate with zero noise compared to the chain driven electric motorbikes.


The CPx is available in two options – with a single or dual battery, respectively with 2.7 and 5.4 kWH of capacity which provides a max range of 150km. The batteries are removable and can be charged individually off the bike or through the port between the foot platform and the seat. It takes between 3 and 4 hours per battery depending on their discharge level. The CPx comes installed with an advanced battery management system to keep your batteries in peak condition and extend their life. At any time, you can monitor the state of charge on your batteries and the available range. A visual graph diagram will guide you to minimise your discharge and extend your range. USB charging is available to keep you connected on the go. As all Super Soco models, keyless ignition, an built-in alarm and a wheel electronic locking function are all standard features.


The CPx is designed as a daily commuter bike and comes with an installed rear rack where you can install your cargo box of choice The rear rack is rigid and can carry up to 30 Lbs. A great convention option of the maxi scooters is that you can secure and carry a bag on the feet platform. If you use the bike with a single battery only, you can use the space for its second battery.

Although there is no dedicated storage under the seat, the CPx large and rigid rear rack allows for the installation of a spacious top box, and as such is a feature that is hugely popular with delivery companies.


The CPx is equipped with an intelligent dashboard, which displays information you need such as speed, battery management, range at each mode, temperature, clock, the riding mode and odometer. Below the dash are your warning lights that are much brighter than the previous models. It is equipped with a center and a side kick stand with a kill switch on the side stand. Once you lift it up a green light “READY” lit up in green and you are ready to twist the throttle. As a safety feature of accidentally twisting the throttle there is a kill switch beside it and it will be a useful habit to push it down when you are not riding.

For its security, the CPx has a steering lock as a backup of the alarm and the electronic lock of the motor


Braking on the CPx is provided by a 180mm disc, LBN Hydraulic double piston calipers to the front and to the rear and backed by a combined braking system (CBS). This activates the front and rear brakes simultaneously and increases the braking power by 40%. It also prevents any possible nosedive from happening. The braking system on the bike does not have regenerative braking, but considering the low regen efficiency, the motor’s 91% conversion efficiency compensates for this.

The front suspension offers an 80mm travel distance, while the rear swing-arm suspension offers 60mm of travel.


When it comes to price all three colourway options are the same, the main difference will be the single or dual battery variant and the use of a grant or rebate. In Canada the rebates vary from province to province from $500 to $2,000.

The single battery CPx starts from $6,900CAD. The dual battery version will cost $8,700CAD For this price, the vehicle has a 2-year vehicle and 3-year battery and motor warranty.

Its price tag is rather at the premium range as most electric scooters, but this is mostly due to those high capacity expensive batteries, however, the negligible cost for maintenance and the pennies to charge it up would justify an investment that makes city riding and commuting achievable and an excellent return on investment over the long term commute.


Super Soco CPx has everything you would expect from a commuter scooter – including a rear rack, a decent size windscreen, a two-litre glove compartment and a USB charge point. With its handlebars well positioned for neutral seating position, comfy seat and a smooth ride, the CPx is suitable also for longer commutes. Its powerful motor maintains a decent speed even on steep inclines.

One of the hottest jobs during the global pandemic is food delivery and having a cost effective, powerful and high performance ride is vital. Not only that, you need to be fast, and need to have great acceleration and braking power. Riding through the city can be demanding and full of surprises for the courier or delivery driver. This electric two-wheeler is the perfect vehicle for the delivery driver or food delivery person taking you to maximum miles every day and being responsive to the needs and demands of urban riding. As a whole the CPx feels like a well-sized machine, similar to a maxi-scooter. There is plenty of room for a double person’s commute and for anyone looking for an urban vehicle that is low cost, easy to maintain and sustainable.

The Super Soco is distributed by Greenwit Technologies and can be ordered online or purchased by any Greenwit or Motorino dealer.

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