Stop the Chewing with an Exciting, New Product from Redbone Nutrition It will Give Both You & Your Dog Something to Smile About

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JUPITER, Fla., Dec. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rawhide is a great choice for dogs for many reasons. It is appealing, provides relief from boredom and satisfies your dog’s natural desire to chew. Now, there’s something even better: Redbone Nutrition’s new CBD Rawhide Chews. These chews go above and beyond your average rawhide bone. They are designed to positively impact your dog’s dental health by cleaning their teeth, removing tartar and reducing plaque. And, the CBD Rawhide Chews have full spectrum hemp that contains naturally occurring CBD. CBD can help your dog in many ways, including positively impacting your dog’s: 

          – Joint Health 

          – Digestive System 

          – Anxiety Levels 

          – Brain Function

Redbone Nutrition provides complete anxiety relief, Kayla sure does love her CBD Treats!

And, like all of Redbone Nutrition’s products, these Rawhide Chews are made with all natural, healthy ingredients and are tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure quality. They come in two flavors—Smoked & Natural—and contain no additives or preservatives. These dog-approved treats are organic and gluten-free and contain 20 mg of CBD per chew.

How Do You Live with Your Dog’s Natural Urge to Chew?

As a dog owner, you probably love everything about your dog–their sweet demeanor, cute looks and utter devotion to you, their best friend. There are so many incredible traits that dogs possess—but one behavior that even the most devoted dog-lover could do without: Chewing. Whether it’s your leather sofa, solid oak chair or your favorite pair of designer shoes, with some dogs, nothing is safe. So what is a loyal dog owner to do? Perhaps a little research. When you understand where the behavior comes from and what you can do to stop it, you can strategize ways to curtail this stressful behavior.

Why Do Dogs Chew?

There are many reasons why dogs find your shoes, socks and furniture irresistible. When they chew, dogs may be bored, stressed or just plain curious and find chewing a way to explore their world. But when given the choice between your loafers and a tasty bone, your dog will most often choose the bone. Of course, a bone tastes better, but dogs’ universal attraction to bones stems from their history. Before being domesticated, your dog’s ancestors hunted for their food. When it was winter, and their prey wasn’t as meaty as usual, they would extract what they could from the marrow in the animal’s bones in order to sustain themselves. This survival tactic has made bones a mainstay for your favorite canine.

What Bones Should Dogs Chew?

As most dog owners know, the bones left on your plate after a good steak or chicken dinner aren’t a safe choice for your dog to chew on. They can splinter, injure the dog and become a choking hazard. That’s why rawhide makes the perfect dog chew. Rawhide is the untanned inner layer of an animal’s hide that contains all the delicious natural flavor that appeals to your dog. Redbone Nutrition’s CBD

Rawhide Chews: The Perfect Way to Satisfy Your Dog’s Urge to Chew

When your dog has the option to munch on these delicious and appealing new CBD Rawhide Chews, your couch and shoes are, once again, safe. This product can redirect their anxiety, keep them busy and reduce your anxiety.

Redbone Nutrition is here for breeds of all sizes.

Redbone Nutrition CBD Rawhide Chew (Smoked)

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