Stamford American celebrates Global Be Well Day, highlighting the importance of well-being

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Stamford American students take time during Global Be Well Day to do stretching exercises on the sports field and dance to music.

SINGAPORE, Oct. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Well-being has been one of the most important issues facing Singapore recently, and there are signs the Lion City has begun to take notice. Particularly in the education sector, well-being has proven to be a critical factor in fostering confident, resilient learners. From the introduction of check-ins to mental health-centered lessons, schools in Singapore have begun to prioritize student well-being to address concerns of stress and anxiety brought on by the pandemic. A closer look into the effects of well-being also shows it is correlative to educational performance. Research suggests that students who have high levels of well-being or who receive support, tend to do better in school and beyond.

​Stamford American students take time during Global Be Well Day to do stretching exercises on the sports field and dance to music.

The Cognita schools group, a group of over 100 schools in 15 countries of which Stamford American is a member school, considers well-being to be an integral factor in helping students build their confidence and feel empowered to succeed. To highlight the importance of overall well-being, the Cognita Group celebrates its annual event – Global Be Well Day – in which its schools collapse their curriculum and join their respective communities to be mindful of mental and physical health.

This year, Stamford American International School (SAIS) celebrated Global Be Well Day on September 30, 2022, with a variety of activities in line with the Cognita Global Be Well Charter, highlighting six key contributors to well-being: Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Connecting, Doing, and Giving. This gave students the opportunity to celebrate each contributor and reflect on how they can improve their overall well-being. Dedicating an entire day to well-being activities also helps students understand that they themselves are capable of developing healthier habits.

“Our students and staff have worked hard this year, with a strong focus on academic achievement and deep learning,” said Superintendent Dr. Mark Wenzel. “Part of our holistic approach to student development emphasizes the importance of well-being as a critical component of a child’s education.”

On the topic of nutrition, students in all divisions were encouraged to “eat the rainbow,” which means eating fruits and vegetables of different colors of the rainbow to ensure a balanced diet. Students also learned how sugar affects the brain, how to fall back asleep, draw mindfully, play the guitar, juggle, and more.

In terms of curriculum, Stamford American has increased advisory times so that teachers can conduct frequent check-ins with their students while also offering multiple platforms for students to contact them directly and privately. The school celebrated R U OK Day in early September, which encourages students to have meaningful conversations with their peers that could help others through tough times. Furthermore, Stamford American actively engages parents in meaningful conversations about well-being.  Workshops like “Me and My Chimp” teaches parents how to positively interact with their children and build better understanding between them.

“I thought GBWD was a great day to take a break from the stress of school, and the variety of activities offered was very extensive,” said high school student Hope Ferrer. “There were a lot of cool activities that helped us relax, de-stress and be active/creative – my favorite was probably karaoke, and I also enjoyed talking to some teachers from last year that I haven’t seen in a while.”

Stamford American will continue to celebrate Global Be Well Day as community well-being is our top priority, and improve practices to meet the complex needs of our students and the ever-changing educational landscape.

SOURCE Stamford American International School

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